Stephen A. Smith sacrifices ego to confess his ‘mistake’ after labelling Warriors Stephen Curry the best PG of all time

Only last week, Stephen A. Smith made headlines by calling Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors the best point guard in NBA history. His statement stood in stark contrast to that of basketball legend Michael Jordan, who has always defended Magic Johnson’s position as the greatest point guard of all time.

Smith recently gave more background on his position on the Curry vs. Johnson argument during an appearance on “Club Shay Shay” with “First Take” newbie Shannon Sharpe.

Stephen A. Smith explains his choice to pick Stephen Curry

Stephen A. Smith used his time on “Club Shay Shay” alongside guest presenter Shannon Sharpe to address the continuing controversy over whether Stephen Curry or Magic Johnson is the greatest point guard in NBA history.

According to Smith, “I agreed but I was mistaken. And the reason why I was mistaken is because what I wanted to elaborate on is when you’re talking about a typical, quintessential point guard, we’re talking about a facilitator, Magic Johnson’s the greatest point guard ever. There’s no question.”

He elaborated by saying that his initial agreement with Curry’s allegation was based on his conviction that Curry had an outsized influence on the sport. Smith noted that Curry’s outstanding shooting and ability to operate off the ball make it difficult for opposition defenders to ignore him. He compared Magic Johnson’s impactful driving, no-look passing, and fast-break wizardry to this effect.

After Stephen Curry won his first NBA Finals MVP after the Golden State Warriors won their fourth title in eight years, the discussion between Curry and Johnson has gained pace. Even though Curry has made the case that he is the best point guard of all time, Magic Johnson is still seen by many as the best.

Fans reaction to Stephen Curry and Magic Johnson’s best PG of all time debate

The NBA community is in an uproar over Stephen Curry’s remark that he is, along with Magic Johnson, the best point guard of all time. Curry’s ardent fans came out in force to defend his comments, citing his long list of achievements and honors as well as his several NBA championships.

The connection between Curry and Magic Johnson has sparked a heated debate despite their shared admiration. There are supporters who agree with Curry, citing his unprecedented influence on the sport thanks to his three-point shooting prowess. However, there are many who will argue that Magic Johnson deserves to be remembered for his great passing skills, which are needed for a point guard. Fans took to twitter and said:-

“1. Magic Johnson

2. Isaiah Thomas

3. Steph Curry.

4. Pistol Pete

5. Steve Nash”


No lies detected.”

“Fwiw Michael Jordan agrees with me that Magic is 1 and Isaiah is 2, I’m putting Curry at 3”

“You don’t know ball if you think otherwise”

“He said it not me👀 But he right though, he’d be seen as a mf sorcerer back in Magic’s day”

Many basketball fans have different ideas on who is the finest point guard in NBA history, and this debate has shed light on how subjective it is to judge excellence in the sport. This ongoing debate is another evidence of Curry’s and Johnson’s ever-lasting influence on basketball and its devoted fans.

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