Stephen Curry takes on a new role as producer and narrator of literacy documentary ‘Sentenced’

Warriors superstar and one of the greatest basketball players, Stephen Curry is aiming to establish his legacy beyond the basketball world.

The basketball superstar is now set to take on the role as the head of the documentary which focuses on social issues that plague our modern-day society. The superstar will be taking up the venture along with his wife, Ayesha Curry.

Documentary ‘Sentenced’ sheds light on the impact of illiteracy

The documentary named, ‘Sentenced’ aims to shed light on adults and children who face difficulty in their lives, caused by their illiteracy. The documentary’s website has provided a brief synopsis of the project, writing, “An immersive and vulnerable exploration of the epidemic of childhood illiteracy through a series of braided character-driven stories.”

The film aims to provide viewers with an immersive experience, showcasing a real problem and the impacts of illiteracy that have taken over young children around the world.

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry is set to produce and narrate a documentary via Associated Press

Curry and Producers Tackle Childhood Illiteracy Epidemic

Through their upcoming project, Stephen Curry and his team of producers are set to bring light to the problem of illiteracy that has enveloped our modern-day society. The project’s crew include Connor Martin and Mark Allen Johnson, who will co-direct the documentary alongside Stephen Curry who will also serve as the documentary’s narrator. Other producers and beneficiaries of the project include, Chris Helfrich, CEO of the Curry’s Foundation Eat. Learn. Play.

Stephen Curry
The documentary is focused on the issue of illiteracy among adults and children via Getty Images

Curry, who is known for his charitable works and philanthropy, along with his team of producers, aims to raise awareness and remove the stigma around the issue of illiteracy. They also seek to encourage children to develop the habit of reading regularly. One of the main goals of the project is to tackle the childhood illiteracy pandemic and help children at Oakland Elementary School become proficient in reading by the third grade.

How the Currys’ foundation aims to make a difference in child literacy

Through Curry’s Eat. Learn. Play foundation, the player and his wife aim to make a significant change in the realm of illiteracy. The project which is funded by the Children’s Literacy Project will help students and adults facing the issue overcome their struggle and become fluent readers.

Stephen Curry
Curry will be partnering up with his wife, Ayesha Curry for the project via Getty Images

It also presents an opportunity to the viewers enabling them to help the cause through a “teach a kid to read” initiative which will be showcased towards the end of the film. Recently, the NBA announced that they would be making significant contributions to Stephen Curry’s Eat. Learn. Play foundation as part of the ‘Steph vs Sabrina’ three-point shooting contest, which will be a spectacle for the history books.

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