Steve Belichick officially quits Patriots to take a DC position with Washington Huskies

During the illustrious 24-season reign of Bill Belichick as the head coach of the New England Patriots, not only did he amass championships and accolades, but he also established a family legacy within the organization. Alongside his coaching prowess, Belichick, who has been vying to surpass Don Shula, bought his two sons, Steve Belichick, and Brian Belichick, into the Patriots’ fold.

However, as the senior Belichick bid farewell to the organization, his eldest son, Steve, decided to tread the same path and leave the Patriots.

Steve Belichick officially leaves Patriots to join Washington

Following the recent departure of Bill Belichick from the New England Patriots, speculation swirled about the potential moves within the Belichick coaching lineage. Now, it’s confirmed that Steve Belichick, the eldest son of the legendary coach, has accepted the position of defensive coordinator at the University of Washington.

Rumors gained traction when reports surfaced that Steve was in the process of interviewing for defensive roles on Jedd Fisch’s staff at the University of Washington. The move materialized after the newly appointed head coach Jerod Mayo extended roles on his staff to Steve.

However, in a departure from the usual roles seen during his father’s era, Steve’s offered position is in a somewhat demoted capacity as a “senior advisor.”

The 36-year-old began his coaching journey with the Patriots in 2012 as a coaching assistant and gradually climbed the coaching ranks. His roles evolved over the years, culminating in his appointment as the team’s safety coach and later as the outside linebacker coach in 2020.

By 2019, he had become the longest-tenured assistant on the defensive side after the departures of Brian Flores and Josh Boyer. Steve’s brother Brian joined their father in the Patriots fold as a scouting assistant in 2016.

With Steve’s move to the University of Washington, two members of the Belichick family have exited the Patriots. Bill Belichick’s mutual parting with the team in January marked the end of an era, with Steve now embarking on a new chapter. Brian Belichick remains the sole representative of the Belichick family’s coaching legacy within the New England organization.

What does Steve Belichick’s leaving mean for Patriots?

Over the past half-decade, Steve Belichick has been instrumental in managing play-calling duties for the New England Patriots, alongside Jerod Mayo, who played a more strategic role. Mayo and Belichick have formed a dynamic duo, contributing to the Patriots’ formidable defensive unit since 2019.

Their synergy has been evident in their joint efforts to develop players on the field. Belichick’s coaching insights combined with Mayo’s player perspective enhanced the team’s overall performance, making them one of the top defensive units in the league.

With Steve’s departure, Mayo faces the challenge of filling the void left by his departure and finding an experienced offensive coach to replicate Belichick’s contributions. Losing his close collaborator in strategy development will also bring another setback for Mayo.

DeMarcus Covington is expected to step into Steve Belichick’s shoes and assume play-calling responsibilities as the new defensive coordinator, per Pats Pulpit. Nevertheless, Covington’s relative lack of experience compared to Steve Belichick may pose challenges for Mayo’s defensive strategy moving forward.

Meanwhile, Bill Belichick’s exit has triggered significant changes within the Patriots’ coaching staff. In addition to Steve, Vinnie Sunseri’s departure to join Jedd Fisch’s coaching staff further adds to the reshuffling underway in New England. As the Patriots adapt to these changes, Mayo faces the task of maintaining the team’s defensive prowess in the upcoming seasons.

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