Super Bowl in Vegas: Chiefs scoring exactly 2 points against 49ers can guarantee $1,000,000 for a bettor

Super Bowl LVIII is just a few hours away. The Kansas City Chiefs are aiming for a consecutive title where the San Francisco 49ers are aiming at the title after a prolonged tenure. This week is a time for wacky bets, as millions of dollars change hands with each passing minute in the high-stakes world of Super Bowl betting.

In fact, team hotels for the Chiefs and 49ers players have been given far away from the Las Vegas Strip to keep players out of the betting world. Meanwhile, one bettor has taken a particularly unique gamble that could potentially net them a staggering windfall.

Super Bowl bettor potentially to score $1 million with unique bet

One daring bettor at Caesars Sportsbook in Nevada hit the headline for a unique and potentially lucrative wager. He placed $100 on the Kansas City Chiefs scoring exactly two points during Super Bowl 2024. The odds were set at an astonishing 10,000-1, via NY Post. This audacious move marks the first reported seven-figure bet in the Super Bowl LVIII odds market.

It might seem like a whimsical gamble, but this unique wager could yield a payout of $1,833,333.33, should the Chiefs achieve this improbable feat.

Super Bowl games have historically witnessed some extraordinary scoring scenarios, from field goals to safeties. However, the Chiefs’ offense likelihood of being held scoreless seems remote. Their offensive prowess makes breaching the two-point mark a plausible outcome, even in the face of formidable opponents like the San Francisco 49ers.

However, this high-stakes bet isn’t this bettor’s only venture into Super Bowl wagering. Alongside the two-point prediction, he also placed a $200,000 bet on 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy to win the MVP award, and a $100,000 wager on the coin toss landing on tails. But, the MVP title ultimately eluded Purdy, and went instead to Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

1989 Super Bowl bettor once won $1 million

The late Bob Stupak made history with a daring move during the 1989 Super Bowl. The owner of a casino took a calculated risk by placing a whopping $1 million bet on the Cincinnati Bengals. Little did he know, this audacious gamble would go down as one of the most memorable moments in Super Bowl betting history.

Super Bowl
The Mercury News

The scene was set at Little Caesars Gambling Casino on the iconic Las Vegas Strip, where Stupak wagered on the underdog Bengals just hours before kickoff. Little Caesars had given minus 7 points to the 49ers and plus 7 points to the Bengals, making the margin crucial for Stupak’s success.

If the 49ers had won by 8 points or more, he would have faced defeat. Fortunately, the 20-16 win of the 49ers meant the veteran not only reclaimed his original wager but also pocketed a cool $1 million in winnings.

Nevertheless, later rumors circulated that Stupak hedged his bet by strategically placing halftime wagers to mitigate potential losses.


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