Swifties are upset with Travis Kelce’s publicist over ridiculous drama surrounding Taylor Swift

For celebrity individuals like Taylor Swift, who stands as one of the most prominent figures in the contemporary music industry, a major challenge is the constant exposure to public attention. With millions of Swifties following her every move, things seldom stay in proportion.

An example of this was on show on Sunday night when Pia Malihi, Travis Kelce’s publicist, committed a seemingly innocuous error, which later snowballed into a full-blown controversy with Swifties unloading a barrage of comments on her socials.

What did Travis Kelce’s publicist do?

The public relations representative for the tight end of the Kansas City Chiefs seemingly shared a birthday message on her Instagram Story, which, by coincidence or not, featured a clown emoji superimposed over Taylor Swift’s face.

Swift’s supporters are now drawing attention to the fact that Malihi has reportedly collaborated with Scooter Braun, a figure widely considered the primary antagonist by devoted Swift fans. Braun notably acquired Swift’s master recordings, compelling the renowned pop star to re-record all her songs.

Netizens were quick to unleash comments on this link and make Pia the epicenter of an internet fiasco, given her client Kelce is dating the personality in question. One user commented, “You know you’re a good PR person when you put a clown emoji on the face of the girl your client is supposedly dating….” while another quipped, “I mean, just about any emoji other than that one would do. What was she thinking??”

Broncos trolled chiefs with Taylor Swift’s song following their victory

Amid this controversy, the Kansas City Chiefs slumped to a paltry defeat at the hands of the resurgent Denver Broncos on Sunday evening. The Broncos recorded their first big win of the season, that too against one of the strongest sides in the entire league.

What added salt to the Chiefs’ wounds is the fact that the Broncos faithful played Taylor Swift songs after the game ended as a playful quip to TE Travis Kelce, who is in a relationship with the pop sensation. Hilarious for the neutrals, this incident generated a lot of traction on social media with one user commenting, “That’s cold, brilliant but cold.”

Some netizens were of the opinion that Taylor Swift actually made the Kansas City Chiefs one of the most hated teams in the country with the amount of attention they’re getting. Hated or not, the Chiefs look like they mean business this season, and would look to solidify this belief in their game against the Miami Dolphins next weekend.

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