Winter storm warning for Denver adds uncertainty to high-flying Chiefs’ matchup vs Broncos

Calling up the season with an upset loss, the Kansas City Chiefs led their fans to believe with their ongoing winning streak that a defeat cannot give even a single scratch to the supremacy they built with their star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. As after Week 1, the Kansas City team did not fall short in any game and this winning streak is assumed to continue. 

Nevertheless, in Week 8, apart from players injuries or other off-field issues, the Chiefs team is in the spotlight because of a projected rough weather condition they are going to meet while battling with the Denver Broncos. 

Snowstorm threatens Chiefs’ AFC West battle

The Denver area may be affected by a Winter Storm Warning until noon MT Sunday, announced by the National Weather Service. The organization predicts potential snow accumulations between six and 14 inches as per CBS Sports.

The news already has drawn speculations as the Chiefs and Broncos are scheduled to square off against each other on Sunday in Empower Field at Mile High, Denver at 4:25 p.m. ET.

Playing in snowy weather is not expected by any NFL team as it can have a significant impact on the game. One of the primary concerns when playing in snowy conditions is the reduced visibility for players. Injury concerns also grow high while playing in snowy weather as snow-covered fields become slippery and it can easily lead to players losing balance.

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Nevertheless, it’s not the first time that fans will witness a snowy Chiefs vs Broncos game. In 2019, the teams played at Arrowhead Stadium in rough snowy weather in which the KC team beat the Broncos 23-3 by dint of Mahomes’ 340 yards run and two touchdowns.

Chiefs look to extend winning streak

As the leader of the AFC West with a 6-1 record, the Chiefs are already on their way to get ahead in grabbing another Lombardi Trophy this season. Hence, without a win, nothing can be expected from Mahomes’ team.


Meanwhile, the two-time Super Bowl winner is 12-0 against the Broncos in his career. With this milestone, he secured his name beside Hall of Famer Otto Graham, achieving the most streaks of wins by a quarterback against an opposite team without a loss.

The record will not only be a threat for the Broncos but also will serve as a motivation for the Kansas City team to extend their winning streak and hold their supremacy in their division. Moreover, the Chiefs already possess a record of winning over the Broncos in snowy weather, boosting the team’s confidence. 

Do you think the KC team will prevail over the Broncos again?


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