Swifties celebrate as Travis Kelce ignites Sunday scuffle

In the last two months, Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce’s popularity has shot through the roof due to his association with global pop icon Taylor Swift. Swifties all around the world are super curious about her new beau and follow his every move, even on the pitch

That is exactly what happened to the 33-year-old during the game between the Raiders and the Chiefs. Kelce got into a scuffle with the opposition, which sent netizens screaming on social media. Let’s find out more.

Swifties applaud Travis Kelce’s Sunday fight

The Chiefs-Raiders game was a feisty affair in itself, but the palpable tension inside the gridiron went up a notch when Travis Kelce engaged in a skirmish with a couple of players from the Las Vegas Raiders defense.

Kelce found himself involved in a minor altercation during the early moments of the third quarter, pushing Raiders defensive back Amik Robertson and subsequently shoving defensive tackle Jerry Tillery. Emotions were running high after half-time as the Chiefs started to make a scintillating comeback from being down 0-14 to winning the game 31-17.

Netizens around the country went into a tizzy when the video of this incident surfaced on social media. One user commented, “That did something to me that I can’t say online,” while another commented, He threw the guy aside like a sack of potatoes.”

Travis Kelce’s Taylor Swift relationship progress

Despite speculations of all of this being a PR stunt, it looks like the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce is getting stronger than ever. The couple seems to get closer with time and is doing well in their professional lives as well, which is one of the biggest signs of a healthy relationship.

The couple started dating in early October and have been spotted together several times. In fact, Travis Kelce went all the way to Argentina in order to attend one of Taylor’s Eras Tour concerts. Taylor repaid the favor by altering the lyrics to her song “Karma,” which sent fans of the couple into a tizzy.

Taylor Swift and Travis’ parents even met each other during the recent game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs, giving rise to fans speculating about a star wedding being on the horizon. Well, if they are to get married, it will surely be one of the biggest crossovers the sporting world has ever seen.

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