Teddy Bridgewater: Does his Miami Northwestern head coaching job cements his NFL retirement?

The Detroit Lions had a quite successful season this year. They ended the regular season with a 12-5 record and secured a win in the divisional playoff round to reach the NFC Championship game. Despite their resilience, the Lions faced a tough defeat, with the San Francisco 49ers emerging victorious with a score of 34-31.

Teddy Bridgewater served as quarterback Jared Goff’s backup. As the Lions’ season concluded, the backup QB swiftly transitioned to a new role as the head coach at the school coaching program.

Teddy Bridgewater takes over as Miami Northwestern’s head coach

Teddy Bridgewater is making a return to his roots as he takes on the role of head coach for Miami Northwestern High School’s football team. This announcement comes as a nostalgic turn for him, who once graced the halls of Miami Northwestern as a star athlete. He will be the third coach of the program following Max Edwards.

Drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 2014, the signal-caller’s promising career was momentarily derailed by a devastating knee injury. However, his determination saw him return to the field once again. He later played for various teams, including the New York Jets, the New Orleans Saints, and most recently, the Lions.

However, amid his professional endeavors, Teddy Bridgewater’s heart remained tied to his alma mater. At Miami Northwestern, he left an indelible mark. The QB showcased his talent as a top-tier quarterback and led the team to numerous victories. He recorded 6,712 passing yards along with 70 touchdowns during his time at the school. His stellar performance on the field earned him recognition as a four-star prospect and solidified his status as a local legend.

Now, with the opportunity to helm the Bulls, the NFL star will aim to impart his wealth of experience and knowledge to the next generation of athletes. Despite Miami Northwestern’s struggle to go 4-6 last season, his appointment brings renewed hope and optimism for a return to glory days.

Is Teddy Bridgewater retiring from the NFL?

After a decade in the NFL, Teddy Bridgewater has decided to retire after the 2023 NFL season. It marked the end of an illustrious career that saw him play for six different teams since his 2014 draft. The announcement came during an interview with Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.

In his interview, the QB expressed contentment with his playing career. He highlighted a transformative realization during a period of injury throughout his career.

“I was young and I was trapped in this lifestyle thinking that I was a football player 24-7, and when I got hurt I realized that I’m only a football player for three hours on a Sunday afternoon. Outside of that, I’m Theodore Bridgewater, so it just put everything into perspective and it really helped me not even have to think about not being a starter (anymore). It’s like, ‘Man, I still got purpose.’ And my purpose is bigger than the game of football. Football is just a platform that I have”, he said via NFL.com.

Teddy Bridgewater
Saints Wire- USA Today

Embracing the highs and lows of his journey, the Lions star said he believes that everything happens for a reason. He maintained a positive mindset, acknowledging that his path unfolded exactly as it was meant to.

“Everything happens for a reason. Injuries, highs, lows, the success, the failures. It all, it builds character, and that’s what it did for me. Like I never look like, ‘Oh man, what if?’ Nah. Whatever was meant for me, it played out the exact way it was meant. And I’m still with that mindset every day and I’m just really appreciative that I’m in Year 10, I tell everyone this is my last year, so I’m in my.”

Teddy Bridgewater’s retirement marks the end of a remarkable career that spanned nine seasons. Over 79 games and 65 starts, he threw for 15,120 yards and 75 touchdowns.


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