Who is Jordan Willis accused of making drugs that led to 3 friends freezing to death?

Amid the Kansas City Chiefs’ on-field exploits, the spotlight has often shifted to the team’s fanbase. From a devoted Chiefs fan facing robbery accusations to a young fan becoming a victim of racial controversy, the Chiefs’ journey this season transcends the football field. 

Now, as the team strives for Super Bowl LVIII glory, attention turns to Jordan Willis, a Chiefs enthusiast whose involvement in a tragic incident involving the mysterious deaths of three friends has brought a somber tone to the Chiefs’ off-field controversy.

Who is Chiefs’ fan Jordan Willis?

Jordan Willis was allegedly dubbed ‘The Chemist’ in high school for his reputation of concocting substances for friends.

His high school days were marked by a unique skill set—not on the football field but rather in the realm of chemistry. 

“Jordan is somebody that is known from high school as, like, creating drugs for people to make them feel better in certain situations. ‘Okay, well, you wanna do this? I’m gonna make this for you, I’m gonna make this for you and handing them out,” one of his cousins claimed.

Beyond the shadow of his unconventional high school moniker, Willis is revealed to be a passionate Chiefs fan. Recently, he hosted a watch party, inviting friends to join him in witnessing the Kansas City Chiefs game on January 7. 

As the night wore on, Willis, Ricky Johnson, David Harrington, and Clayton McGeeney reportedly continued their night with a game of ‘Jeopardy!’ Alex Waemer-Lee, a fifth friend, was also present but reportedly left the gathering around 11 p.m.

Following the game, instead of joining his friends in the post-game celebrations, Willis decided to call it a night and go to bed. The 38-year-old went on to say that he didn’t know whether his buddies had left the home, and to everyone’s shock, he slept for an unprecedented two days.

Jordan Willis allegedly linked to mysterious deaths

What began as a casual gathering to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs ended in tragedy, with the discovery of the bodies of Willis’s close friends – Johnson, Harrington, and McGeeney – two days later.

As the families of these three were increasingly concerned about their loved ones’, Willis remained unresponsive to calls and messages for two days. It wasn’t until McGeeney’s fiancée took matters into her own hands.

After reaching Willis’ home, she discovered one of the bodies on his property, and the grim reality came to light. Subsequent police intervention revealed the tragic fate of the other two friends.

Willis, however, claimed ignorance of the demise of his friends. Yet, sources close to him suggested that he was preoccupied with concocting specific cocktails for his classmates and oblivious to the tragedy that was going to occur around him.

Meanwhile, the families of the deceased revealed a troubling truth. Toxicology reports indicated high levels of illicit drugs, including fentanyl, THC, and cocaine, in the systems of the deceased, which pointed towards a potential substance abuse issue.

Following the incident, the Chiefs fan made a pivotal decision to confront his struggles with addiction head-on. After recognizing the gravity of his situation, he voluntarily checked himself into rehab, per Fox News.

While questions linger about the exact circumstances surrounding the deaths of Johnson, Harrington, and McGeeney, the Kansas City Police Department has ruled out homicide as a factor. However, the full picture remains incomplete, pending the release of final toxicology test results.

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