“This league is nothing”: Larry Bird figured out his NBA prospects in just 3 days

USA in the 80s was at the doorstep of a massive cultural shift. In the American transition to a new age of color TV and an outburst of pop culture through music, NBA was not left untouched by any means. Larry Bird burst into the scene during this time period and he made sure, he stayed ever present on those color TVs of the American audience with his silky yet flashy moves and constant chirping that made him the box office attraction he was.

But the more apparent question was how Larry would do once he jumped from college b-ball to the NBA. For that answer, the onlookers did not have to wait too long, and the 3-time NBA Champion found that out himself in an unimaginable time.

Larry Bird figured out how he would fare in NBA

There are many talents who come out from their respective colleges with outstanding performances and join the NBA, but not everyone can leave the mark like Larry Bird. After getting recognition for his performance at Indiana University, Bird left the pond to join the river full of talent, the NBA.

While most players coming out of the college level display apprehensive body language during their major jump, Larry Bird was far from it. Bird’s confidence was second to none which made him believe that he could control his destiny and stand tall against the big boy of the league.

Bird revealed that people around him questioned his abilities when he moved out of college but the 6’9″ forward remained unfazed. Larry Legend boldly stated, “I think it took me probably 3 days after rookie camp, I found out, this league is nothing. I could play in this league and I would dominate this league.”

Larry Bird stayed true to his words

Larry Bird did not just chirp but also came good on his promise. His arrival in 1979 made a huge difference in the team in terms of winning percentage.

Bird had early success winning the Rookie of the Year title (1980) along with a Championship title the following year. The 67-year-old won two more Championships in 1984 and 1986 earning himself the NBA Finals MVP in both the years.

With his exceptional skills and performance, he won three NBA MVPs (1984-1986) as well. He was not unknown to the All-Star Games where he appeared on twelve occasions. The AP Athlete of the Year (1986) was also a supremely talented 3-point shooter and was one of the first to take advantage of the newly introduced 3-point lines.

His wins in the NBA 3-point contest on three different occasions only testify to that (1986-1988) among the other various achievements in the Boston colors, which can be easily covered in a separate piece.

In 2019, Bird was honored with NBA Lifetime Achievement Award and to show him the respect he deserved for his performance and loyalty, the franchise retired his jersey no. 33 as soon as the legend hung his boots.

Besides being one of the greatest and most gifted sharpshooters, Bird was known for his trash talks that gave nightmares to even the most competitive ones. One such tormented soul was none other than the NBA legend Michael Jordon.

Since 2022, Larry Bird has been seen scarcely around the NBA scene, but the imprint he left will be preserved for years to come.

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