Throwback to A.J. Brown’s heartfelt disappointment for being snubbed by Patriots: “Cried my eyes out”

During his childhood, Philadelphia Eagles’ edge rusher A.J. Brown was a die-hard New England Patriots fan, especially a Tom Brady fan. His childhood dream was to play for the Patriots, idolizing the team led by legendary coach Bill Belichick. 

Nevertheless, his dreams were dashed during the 2019 NFL Draft when the Patriots passed on him to select Arizona State wide receiver N’Keal Harry instead. In a candid interview from 2020 that recently resurfaced, he admitted to feeling deeply disappointed and even shed tears when he realized he wouldn’t be joining his favorite team.

“I left everybody at the house and went home. I went in the closet and cried my eyes out,” he said.

Despite the setback, Brown’s NFL journey took a different path when he was selected by the Tennessee Titans in the second round of the draft. He later joined the Philadelphia Eagles in 2022 after a trade with the Titans.

Since joining the Eagles, A.J. Brown has proven to be a valuable asset on the field, becoming a key player for head coach Nick Sirianni’s team. His contributions have not gone unnoticed, as the Eagles later extended his contract, securing his services until 2025. 

After so many years, his interest in the Patriots team, led by new head coach Jerod Mayo, has come into the spotlight due to his recent social media activities. 

 A.J. Brown’s recent social media activity sparks Patriots’ speculations

A.J. Brown has recently found himself at the center of speculation with the Patriots after his cryptic social media activity caught the attention of all. It all began when he raised eyebrows by following the Patriots’ quarterback Jacoby Brissett, and wide receiver, K.J. Osborn, on Instagram. However, it was his next move that truly ignited the rumor mill.

A.J. Brown

He suddenly changed his profile picture on social media platforms to an image of Patriots legend Tom Brady, per Marca. Many interpreted the profile update as a possible hint that Brown could be eyeing a move to New England.

Nevertheless, Brown, who possesses different viewpoint regarding the size of the earth, swiftly addressed the speculation with a post on social media, where he clarified his intentions behind the profile picture change. 

“TB12 is my favorite player ever. I watch(ed) the dynasty and it brought back some memories from my childhood. Go look up what he did in 2015 when he was doubted/ disrespected. Yeah I see the disrespect. Motivated … yes. That’s it. I Did not think changing my pfp (profile picture) to the greatest QB ever would cause controversy,” he wrote in the post.

Yet, the buzz surrounding his social media activity continued to grow. Eventually, the Eagles’ vet player decided to delete the post, perhaps in a bid to quell the speculation surrounding his future.

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