Tom Brady breaks down Patrick Mahomes’ skillset with high praise

The NFL legend Tom Brady’s 23-season magical journey ended with seven Super Bowls with the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When Brady’s legendary career came to an end, there were rumblings about a possible replacement: Patrick Mahomes, the star quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, amidst speculation and favoritism for other quarterbacks, such as Lamar Jackson, including from notable figures like UFL owner Dwayne Johnson, Tom Brady remained steadfast in his support for Patrick Mahomes.

Tom Brady breaks down Patrick Mahomes’ skillset with high praise

In a recent episode of the Let’s Go! Podcast, Tom Brady praised Patrick Mahomes a lot and talked about how well he performs when things get tough. Brady praised the young quarterback’s competitive spirit and ability to step up in crucial situations while facing difficulties head-on.

“He’s an incredible competitor, and I think it’s on display in the biggest moments. So, everyone, I got a lot of questions before the game.”

The specific game against the Buffalo Bills became a testament to Mahomes’ capabilities, with the quarterback completing 17 out of 23 passes for 215 yards and scoring a couple of touchdowns. 

Brady did not shy away from lauding Mahomes for his resilience during the game. He also acknowledged his ability to keep his team in contention with his athleticism, tenacity, and competitiveness.

‘What do you think? It’s at Buffalo.’ I said, with a guy like Patrick…it doesn’t faze him. He doesn’t care that it’s in Buffalo. He wants to got out and play whoever’s the best to see how he matches up. And he always seems to play his best in the big moments.”

Brady’s sentiments were echoed by Richard Sherman, a former Seattle Seahawk turned analyst, who also voiced his support for Mahomes. While discussing Mahomes’ merits, Brady refrained from comparing him to other quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, instead focusing solely on Mahomes’ exceptional abilities.

Prior to endorsing Mahomes, the former Patriots player also showered his lovable words on Jackson, uttering the Ravens’ star as the reason why people still feel interested in watching the NFL.

Nick Wright picks Patrick Mahomes over Tom Brady in GOAT debate

While Tom Brady’s endorsement of his successor, Patrick Mahomes, carries significant weight, it’s not just Brady who’s singing Mahomes’ praises. Sports personality Nick Wright has emerged as a vocal advocate for Mahomes, boldly asserting the young quarterback’s greatness.

During an appearance on Colin Cowherd’s podcast, Wright didn’t mince words when comparing Mahomes to Brady. 

“Patrick Mahomes plays the position better than anyone’s played it,” Wright declared, per Essentially Sports.

Wright’s bold stance extends to Mahomes’ legacy as well. Despite Brady’s extensive list of accolades, including seven Super Bowl victories, Wright believes Mahomes doesn’t need a comparable number of titles to be considered the greatest. 

“He (Mahomes) doesn’t have the accolades to be able to call him the greatest ever, but he doesn’t need seven in my opinion.”

Indeed, Mahomes has already left an indelible mark on the NFL landscape. Leading the Kansas City Chiefs to two Super Bowl appearances and securing two Super Bowl MVP awards in the process, Mahomes has demonstrated his ability to thrive on the biggest stage as a perfect successor to Brady.

Meanwhile, with the Chiefs eyeing another Super Bowl berth, Mahomes is tasked with guiding his team past formidable opponents like the Baltimore Ravens. Should he succeed in leading the Chiefs to a second consecutive Super Bowl appearance, Mahomes’ standing among the all-time greats will undoubtedly continue to rise.

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