Tom Brady delivers savage response to critics, mocking attempted 40-yard dash to erase NFL Combine embarrassment

When Tom Brady entered the NFL, he started as a backup to Drew Bledsoe, who had earned significant respect for his success with the New England Patriots. Though Bledsoe’s accomplishments were stellar, it was Brady who would go on to lead the franchise to unprecedented success. Interestingly, he himself predicted it even before achieving it.

However, Brady’s NFL combine experience wasn’t a walk in the park as well. The challenges he faced during this crucial period inspired the retired NFL player to set a unique challenge for himself.

Tom Brady set to break 5.28 sec 40-yard dash timing

Tom Brady isn’t typically associated with speed. This perception was solidified back in his college days and confirmed during the 2000 NFL Combine when he clocked in with a modest 40-yard dash time. However, due to his lack of lightning speed during his combine, the NFL legend is gearing up to shatter his previous combine record.

In a recent tweet, Brady invited fans to share their predictions as he prepares to revisit an NFL Combine event. The accompanying clip captured a determined Brady announcing his intentions to attempt to break his infamous 40-yard dash record.

“24 years ago, I ran a 5.28 40-yard dash. Working out today, maybe, just maybe, we give the 40 one more shot,” he declared in the video.

Amidst the excitement surrounding his comeback attempt, an online user took a subtle jab at the NFL icon, suggesting he might pull a hamstring after just 10 yards. Brady, known for his quick wit, didn’t hesitate to clap back at his critics.

Taking to his social media platform, the seven-time Super Bowl winner, who recently shared his support to minority investment, responded, “You guys act like I don’t have 1,000 (career) rushing yards.”

Interestingly, Brady himself hasn’t been fond of the combined record that has been looming over him. The 46-year-old quarterback once went to lengths to distance himself from his past combine performance, even reportedly reaching out to X owner Elon Musk in an attempt to have his combine photo removed from the platform.

Tom Brady’s NFL Combine stats

When it comes to NFL Combine lore, Tom Brady’s numbers didn’t exactly scream “future GOAT.” He stood at just 6-4.3 and tipped the scales at 211 pounds. The veteran’s 5.24-second 40-yard dash and a vertical jump of 24 ½ inches placed him firmly in mediocrity among his peers.

He clocked in with the second-slowest time for a quarterback, trailing behind Chris Redman of Louisville.

TB12 opted out of certain drills by abstaining from the broad jump, bench press, and 60-yard shuttle. It was evident from his performance that agility and speed weren’t going to be his strong suits. His lackluster performance did little to bolster his prospects as a top draft pick.

Beyond his physical attributes, Tom Terrific had a Wonderlic test score of 33 out of 50. It was not exceptional, but it showcased a level of intelligence above the norm, especially in an environment where the average score hovered around a modest 20.

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether Brady will follow through on his promise to attempt a 40-yard dash and rewrite his previous combine track record.

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