Watch: Daughter fully takes down little brother with WWE star Drew McIntyre’s Claymore kick

WWE, one of the top wrestling promotions globally, has millions of fans worldwide, especially children who tune in every week to watch their favorite WWE Superstars perform. Over the past two decades, WWE has been diligent in cautioning children against attempting these moves at home or school through extensive advertising campaigns.

Despite numerous precautions, a video surfaced on the internet today depicting a WWE fan executing Drew McIntyre’s renowned move, The Claymore kick, on his own brother.

Watch: Daughter crushes younger brother with Drew McIntyre’s move

Drew McIntyre, the Scottish Warrior is known for his athetlicism and with his Claymore kick, McIntyre has taken down tons of WWE Superstars. The Claymore kick is a running single-leg dropkick, known for being very dangerous and capable of knocking out any opponent. In the video released on Twitter, a family is seen sitting on a couch and watching TV. Their daughter and her little brother are playing around them with some toys.

Suddenly, she dashes towards her brother and executes a flawless Claymore kick to his face, propelling him across the room. The parents are left in disbelief by the unexpected scene, while the girl jubilantly celebrates her triumph. The video has garnered over 2 million views and received thousands of comments, with many stating, “This is why I got banned from watching WWE.”

In the past, WWE faced greater criticism from parents because their children were often inspired to attempt risky stunts after watching WWE shows. In response, WWE initiated a safety campaign named, “Don’t Try This At Home.”

However, today’s incident is a reminder of how dangerous the WWE moves can be and the company always advises the fans not to try them at home, school, or anywhere.

Drew McIntyre provided more details on his WWE future

Drew McIntyre is set to challenge Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the main event of WrestleMania 40. McIntyre earned his opportunity by winning the six man Elimination Chamber match last Saturday.

Recently, the details about his WWE contract was released on the internet and as per the reports McIntyre has signed a new contract with WWE. The reports from BWE has confirmed that McIntyre has officially re-signed with WWE and expected to stay in the promotion for next 2 years.

Drew McIntyre
via WWE

Previously his contract was set to expire on April 2024 and he was also rumored to lose the Championship match at WrestleMania 40. However, with his new WWE contract, McIntyre will be looking forward to win the title and become the Champion at the grandest stage of all.


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