“Tom Brady level of protection”: NFL fans are outraged at the ‘absurd’ hold call leading Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs 23-20 win vs Jets

The Kansas City Chiefs vs. the New York Jets was in the spotlight as on the field there were Patrick Mahomes and Zach Wilson while in the gallery there were Taylor Swift and Aaron Rodgers to shout for their respective teams. At last, the Jets saw a night of loss again in spite of playing well on both sides of the ball.

However, the NFL fans could not take the win of the Chiefs over the Jets easily as they felt the officials of the game favored the Kansas City team unjustly on multiple instances.

NFL referees miss obvious holding call by Chiefs CB Sauce Gardner

The referee made a surprising call against the Jets in the fourth quarter of the game, while they still had a chance to win. A controversial defensive holding call was made against Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner after Patrick Mahomes attempted a would-be interception. It rendered the interception meaningless and awarded Mahomes’ team new downs.

While Zach Wilson’s side was denied the opportunity to advance and potentially score the game-winning touchdown due to the late flag, the Chiefs gained another unfair edge just a few plays later. The umpires failed to call a clear holding penalty on Chiefs left tackle Donovan Smith.

Though the Jets were at last defeated by the Chiefs 23-20, fans felt that for their loss the officials also played a vital role. Following the game, the Chiefs improved to 3-1, in contrast, the Jets demoted to 1-3.

NFL fans are furious over officials leading Chiefs’ 23-20 win vs. Jets

Emotions were high during a closely contested game between the Jets and the Kansas City team. However, following the official’s dubious selections, the Jets supporters expressed their displeasure with the decisions made by the officials that contributed to the Chiefs’ narrow 23-20 victory.

“Dear @NFL , your continued condolences of admitting referee penalty mistakes mean nothing if mo action is ever actually taken. Do better, hold accountability, or make them reviewable”, one fan commented, urging the authorities to review the play.

In the NFL, criticism of officials’ calls is prevalent, and many fans think that the Chiefs were favored by the officials’ calls and that this affected the game’s outcome.

“Mahomes quite literally threw up a prayer and the ref waited until the #Jets picked it off to throw the flag. It’s Brady levels of protection”, one comment read.

The dating rumor of the Chiefs Travis Kelce and pop star Taylor Swift is now a hot topic for NFL fans apart from the regular season’s game. Hence, a fan also had a hilarious thought that the league favored the Chiefs in the game to let the dating rumor go. 

“NFL doing everything possible to keep this Kelce Swift story going”, one netizen wrote in a comment.

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