Tom Brady rejects three-person booth with Kevin Burkhardt and Greg Olsen to fulfill his ‘pretty unique’ Fox show plan

Tom Brady’s retirement from football left a void in the NFL that fans are still trying to fill. The legendary quarterback’s departure in February was met with a mix of admiration and nostalgia, as the sport bid farewell to one of its greatest icons. Whispers of a potential comeback of him swirls in the air sometimes.

While a return to football seems unlikely, Brady has found new ways to stay connected to the sports world. His upcoming role as a lead analyst for Fox Sports Network promises to keep him in the spotlight.

Tom Brady is getting ready for a major TV appearance

Tom Brady is gearing up for a major career shift as he steps into the world of sports broadcasting. Having inked a massive 10-year, $375 million deal with Fox in 2022, he is set to take over as the lead NFL analyst, replacing the highly regarded Greg Olsen.

Olsen is famous for his brief and insightful commentary, and filling his shoes won’t be a simple task. Despite the significant responsibility of stepping into Olsen’s role, TB12 showed humility and admiration for Olsen during an interview on “The Pat McAfee Show.” However, he also expressed confidence in bringing his own unique perspective, gained from decades of dominating the field.

“Greg’s done an incredible job. I have so much respect for him, how he approaches his job. He’s super prepared in what he does. I think he does an incredible job every time he’s on, I love listening to him. I’m just going to go in there and do the best I can do with my own perspective”, Brady said.

The California Cool boasts an unparalleled resume of several Super Bowl victories and a plethora of passing records. He aims to enrich the fan experience by imparting insights garnered from his storied career.

“I’ve certainly had a unique vision and perspective of the game with 23 years and hopefully I can just provide some insight to all the viewers and all the fans who love the game and love the sport.”

Having delayed his broadcast debut until 2024, Tom Brady recognized the challenge of transitioning from the field to the broadcast booth. To make the transition smoother, he mentioned participating in “dry runs” with experienced broadcaster Kevin Burkhardt. This helped him build chemistry and get used to the nuances of booth commentary.

Tom Terrific’s inaugural season with Fox will culminate in a grand spectacle. He will call all of the big games on the Network including the 2025 Super Bowl until his deal runs out or he calls it an end.

What did Greg Olsen think about Tom Brady replacing him on the Fox show?

Days ago, Greg Olsen bid adieu to his role for Fox Sports during the match between the Detroit Lions and the San Francisco 49ers. As Tom Brady confirmed he would be taking over the role as lead analyst, Olsen figures to be the odd man out.

Olsen’s response to Brady’s impending arrival was one of both understanding and pride. He indicated that it had been on the radar for some time.

“That’s the way it looks, from everything we’ve been told and that’s the way it’s been trending. We’ve been planning that for two years. We knew when we took the job that Brady was there whenever he was going to decide to come”, he said.

The veteran remained appreciative of the opportunities Fox provided him and highlighted the network’s pivotal role in launching his broadcasting career. From his initial audition in 2015 to becoming a full-time analyst, Olsen’s time with Fox was all about growth and gratitude.

“But the one thing I will say is I’m damn proud of what we did for two years. I don’t know any crew — from (Kevin) Burkhardt to Erin (Andrews) and Tom (Rinaldi) to our producer, our whole truck. They gave me my first opportunities to do this when I was still playing back in 2017 on a bye week. No one was adamant about my future in this business as much as Fox was. I’ll forever be grateful for that.”

Greg Olsen
Vanity Fair

Looking ahead, Olsen’s aspirations remain clear. Even though the details about his role at Fox or possible opportunities with other networks are unclear, his main aim is to keep progressing in the broadcasting world.

“It’s hard to predict how all that plays out. But, my end goal is to call premiere games at the top of the ladder, and that pursuit won’t change regardless of what happens this next year with my current role.”

Olsen’s aspirations extend beyond Fox, with speculation about potential roles with other networks such as CBS, NBC, ESPN, or even Amazon. Whether he will continue with Fox or will explore a completely new career path is still uncertain.


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