Boxing fans slam KSI for mocking Tommy Fury’s hand surgery statement: “Salty LSI still torned”

After securing 10 wins already in his professional career, Tommy Fury has now become one of the upcoming big names in combat sports. Hailing from a boxing background, where his brother Tyson Fury is the current WBC champion, Tommy’s records reflect the influence of his boxing pedigree.

The last fight on October 14th, 2023, against KSI got him real fame all around the world after he dominated the British rapper for all six rounds. Though Tommy Fury also fought Jake Paul, the victory in that bout didn’t garner as much fame for Tommy Fury.

KSI’s mocking of Tommy Fury sees backlash from boxing fans.

JJ, who was unhappy with the unanimous decision victory of Tommy Fury, hasn’t left any chance of mocking his rival and demanding a rematch for the past 4 months.

While mocking his rival KSI mentioned that since 2015, he has been enduring a toothache without making it a social media spectacle. KSI drew a parallel between this toothache and the pain in Tommy Fury’s right hand, asserting that since his first fight, Fury has been contending with this persistent pain, hindering consistent fighting. Ridiculing a particular Instagram post of Tommy’s, the British rapper added that Fury resorted to doing jumping jacks to avoid pain in his last four weeks of training camp.

JJ was thinking this might trigger a potential match-up. But fans are not liking the way KSI is actually mocking his rival, who recently went through right-hand surgery.

One of the fans reminded KSI that KSI is still losing the fight against Fury.

Another fan mocked JJ for being hurt since suffering the “devastating” loss.

One fan mockingly claimed the situation for KSI was just so sad that Tommy was the reason he couldn’t perform in boxing.

Another fan reminded KSI that instaed of trolling his opponent, he should be feeling sad for his own loss.

Why did Tommy Fury undergo hand surgery?

Tommy Fury recently revealed how he was able to maintain his undefeated streak even after having an injury to his right hand. Taking to his social media account, he revealed the injury started in his third professional fight, and the pain had become so severe that it almost paralyzed his hand when he couldn’t move it. However, he has now taken steps to address and alleviate the pain.

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Tommy Fury disclosed that he trained exclusively with his left hand for the last 28 days leading up to the KSI fight. Now, recognizing the need to address this ongoing issue, he underwent surgery. Fury stated, “This morning I underwent the surgery I’ve been putting off for years, as I know this is the only way my hand will heal, and I can move forward with my boxing career.”

Fury also promised to make a comeback this year. Once the recovery period for the surgical scar is over, he plans to resume training and is committed to giving his “100%” in 2024.

Do you think KSI’s constant verbal attack will lead to a rematch with Fury this year?

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