Two Sir Alex Ferguson gestures for Manchester United’s oldest season ticket holder show his true greatness

Sir Alex Ferguson is widely regarded as one of the best managers ever in the sport of soccer. The Scotsman led Manchester United to a glorious period of success during his long tenure, and he is still the manager with the most trophies won.

He is equally remembered for being a good man who genuinely cared for the club. He used to take his players’ feelings into account and was an excellent manager. Equally, he was great with the supporters of the club, which made him win the hearts of every United fan.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s amazing acts of generosity

Sir Alex Ferguson is still fondly remembered by many Manchester United fans, not only for the amazing job he has done for them. He is also equally remembered for his many kind acts at the club and as someone who took the wishes of his fans very well.

One of his kind acts toward a supporter still hasn’t been forgotten. Apparently, there was a 90-year-old woman named Alice who is reported to have been the oldest season ticket holder at United. And thanks to Sir Alex, she used to watch their games regularly. The manager used to send a minibus to make sure she could travel to all the away games, from Leicester to anywhere the team went to play.

But it didn’t stop there. Alice was losing her eyesight and due to her advanced age, the NHS couldn’t pay for her treatment. Sir Alex stepped in and funded the whole process, allowing Alice’s eyesight to be restored. Furthermore, the news was not widely reported at the time, as Ferguson didn’t want it to be in the media. These kind actions of Sir Alex towards a fan of the club shows what a great man he is and why the fans of the club adore him even now.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s remarkable career at United

Sir Alex Ferguson spent 26 years behind the reins of Manchester United, but it wasn’t just his longevity that made him so famous. It was the huge amount of trophies and glory he brought them and the reason why they are so massive today. His teams are still considered the best ever and used to be fearsome.

Sir Alex Ferguson
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With 38 trophies there, he is the most decorated soccer manager ever at a single club. He won 13 Premier League titles, which is the most by a single team-Manchester United as well as the most by a single manager.

Additionally, he won the FA Cup trophy five times, and the domestic League Cup four times. He helped United win two UEFA Champions League trophies, along with the UEFA Super Cup and FIFA Club World Cup twice as well.

Perhaps his absence is being missed at the club, with his winning mentality a very important factor for their success.

Sir Alex Ferguson will forever be remembered by United fans both for the huge job he has done for them over the years and for the kindness he extended to them as well. But where would you hold him in the list of the greatest managers of all time? Tell us in the comments!

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