John Cena gets revealed as “emotional support” to Argylle co-star Dua Lipa

The wrestler-turned-Hollywood actor, John Cena, has been able to participate in a plethora of exciting projects since his acting career took off and has seen a fair share of success. He has worked on numerous movie projects within the last ten years, and the most notable among them are DC’s The Peacemaker and Fast & Furious franchise movies.

Now, it appears that the leader of Cenation also left a lasting impression on Dua Lipa during the filming of the Barbie movie.

Dua Lipa banks on John Cena as her “emotional support”

The Barbie movie was a blockbuster hit this summer, released on July 21st. Margot Robbie played the lead role of Barbie, and Ryan Gosling portrayed Ken. Greta Gerwig directed the movie, and the screenplay was written by Gerwig and Noah Baumbach. The film received an Oscar nomination for its exceptional production. The movie was based on Mattel’s Barbie and was highly popular among viewers.

During the initial stages of Barbie’s production, director Greta Gerwig worked with composer Mark Ronson to select a track for the film’s first significant dance scene. Ronson collaborated with disco queen Dua Lipa to create the song “Dance the Night.”

Dua Lipa made her acting debut with a cameo appearance as a mermaid. This appearance marked a reunion with John Cena, whom she previously met while working on the film Argylle. Argylle is scheduled for release in February.

During an interview with “Vanity Fair,” Dua Lipa called John Cena her emotional support actor and spoke highly of the 16-time World Champion. She expressed her joy over the excitement surrounding Barbiemania and even joined in by wearing a pink outfit at the film’s premiere in July.

“It seems like I can’t seem to do anything without him! He’s really my emotional support actor. It was fab, and he’s amazing, and I absolutely love working with John. He’s such a great guy and so lovely,” said Dua Lipa.

John Cena’s upcoming movie project features Henry Cavill

It appears that John Cena has left WWE after his loss at Crown Jewel 2023. He has returned to Hollywood, where he has signed several projects, with one of them having a fixed release date. The movie in question is Argylle, which will be the first film to feature Cena in 2024. In the upcoming movie, Cena will star alongside globally recognized names such as Henry Cavill, Samuel L. Jackson, and Dua Lipa.

The movie is an action-comedy directed by Matthew Vaughn, and it is the first of a three-film franchise with stories set in multiple locations. The cast includes several famous actors, generating enthusiasm among fans of the spy genre.

Apple has recently announced its partnership with Universal to release the movie Argylle in theaters on February 2, 2024. The film is scheduled to compete with two other movies, namely the crime movie Alto Knights, led by Robert De Niro and produced by Warner Bros., and the horror film Imaginary, produced by Lionsgate and Blumhouse.

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