Tyreek Hill House Fire: Newly released audio reveals bizarre 911 dispatcher request resulted in $2.3 million in damages

The Miami Dolphins made a great move by trading for wide receiver Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City Chiefs. The decision resulted in an incredible aftermath, as he showcased his “Cheetah” form in the squad in the 2023 NFL season by giving a nightmare to the rival’s offense. The veteran has made a couple of records this season and made a perfect combination with his quarterback Tua Tagovailoa on the field.

However, Hill has recently encountered a disturbing incident outside of football when his luxurious home in Southwest Ranches, Florida, was engulfed in a devastating fire. Meanwhile, the incident hit the headlines once again following the exchange between a distressed caller and a 911 dispatcher.

Newly released audio reveals strange 911 operator requests

The newly released audio, obtained by TMZ Sports, captured the dispatcher advising the caller against attempting to douse the flames. In the retrieved audio, the unidentified caller inquires whether pouring water on the fire would be advisable. Instead of endorsing the immediate extinguishing of the blaze, the dispatcher calmly urges the caller to prioritize safety by evacuating everyone from the premises.

“No. I need for you to get everyone outside. I need for you guys to get to safety. Do not try to put the fire out and do not carry out anything that’s on fire, OK?”, the dispatcher firmly guided.

This unorthodox advice came amidst a chaotic scene where fire crews worked tirelessly to contain the horrible blaze. Despite the intensity of the situation, rapper Rick Ross, a fellow resident of the Dolphins WR, confirmed that no injuries were sustained.

Later details from authorities shed light on the fire’s alleged origin. Reports indicated that two children within the residence had been engaged in play and mistook a lighter for a toy before inadvertently setting an object ablaze. Officials detailed that in a state of panic, the children discarded the ignited item and fled the area. The child who ignited the fire was reportedly four-year-old.

Tyreek Hill house fire caused $2.3 million in damages

Tyreek Hill’s mansion, an extravagant acquisition by him in May 2022 for $6.9 million, was a sprawling estate spanning 9,300 square feet. Its allure lay in its lavish offerings: seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a pool, a full-sized basketball court, two guest houses, and a home theater.

However, the blaze shattered the tranquility of this mansion, leaving it marred by extensive damage. According to a report from TMZ Sports, the mansion suffered a staggering depreciation in worth, now estimated to stand at $2.3 million less due to the fire’s aftermath. Besides that, belongings worth approximately $1 million were lost in the calamity.

Tyreek Hill faced the dual challenge of managing the crisis and contending with a personal setback, an ankle injury that had already limited his participation in practice sessions. The day of the fire saw him listed as limited on the injury report, prompting a swift departure from practice to address the harrowing incident at his residence.

The MVP candidate remarkably returned to practice soon after, and despite the distressing distraction of the mansion inferno, he geared up for the crucial game against the Buffalo Bills. He recorded 82 yards and secured a score in the Dolphins’ hard-fought battle against the Bills, albeit his squad had to digest a 21-14 loss.


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