WWE veteran R-Truth reveals working with John Cena on unreleased music track 10 years ago

In 2023, R-Truth made his comeback to WWE at Survivor Series WarGames and announced that he had joined the Judgment Day stable. He solidified his connection with the faction by defeating JD McDonagh in a match on the December 18 episode of Monday Night Raw. Currently, R-Truth is involved in a storyline with the faction.

Recently, WWE fans have been talking about R-Truth after he confirmed rumors that he had worked with 16-time WWE champion John Cena on a music video almost a decade ago, which never got released.

R-Truth claims he paired up with John Cena to create a music video

John Cena was a well-built WWE star who almost got fired before becoming one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He was known for his trash-talking, career-saving rap persona, Doctor of Thuganomics. Recently, a WWE legend revealed that Cena’s rapping was not limited to the ring.

In a recent video posted on WWE’s YouTube channel, Jackie Redmond conducted a fun backstage interview with former Hardcore Champion R-Truth. The interview started with Redmond asking Truth about his favorite rappers and music videos. However, the conversation became more interesting when Redmond brought up an old rumor. She asked Truth if it was true that he had recorded a song with John Cena. In response to this question, he confirmed that the rumor was indeed true.

“Yes, it is true.” He further went on to add that the reason behind them not releasing it was simply, “We just never released it,” said R-Truth.

The interviewer then asked if the two WWE legends were planning to release their track soon. However, Truth didn’t give a definite answer. It appears that we will have to wait for the two legends to collaborate and decide on a release date for their much-awaited single, which is sure to be a chart-topper.

R-Truth talks about Damian Priest

A backstage segment saw WWE Superstar R-Truth answer a few questions before last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. R-Truth has been making efforts to join the Judgment Day faction for the past few weeks. However, despite his belief that he’s part of the group, the other members of the faction haven’t yet warmed up to him and are constantly denying his presence during their segments.

WWE correspondent Jackie Redmond interviewed Truth before this week’s show and asked him about his favorite member of Judgment Day. Surprisingly, Truth chose Damian Priest because Priest showed a liking for him. He said, “Probably Damian Priest, he likes me”.

Many WWE fans were surprised to see Truth taking Damian’s name, despite the hate he receives from the star. Damian Priest has beaten R-Truth repeatedly over the past few weeks. During Judgement Day, the Sarcastic Superstar interrupted the event multiple times. R-Truth seems to believe that JD McDonagh is unworthy of being a part of Judgement Day and has made him a target.

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