Udonis Haslem plans to invite Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce on his exclusive podcast episode to resolve differences

The former Miami Heat star Udonis Haslem recently invited his former rivals Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to his podcast show to resolve their past issues. He also talked about his experience playing against the two Hall of Famers and how the animosity between them developed.

Haslem, whose jersey was recently retired by the Miami Heat as an expression of gratitude and honor, was known for his tenacity and competitiveness. During his time as a player Garnett and Pierce were his biggest rivals who shattered his dream once.

Udonis Haslem plans to invite Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce on his podcast

Udonis Haslem hosts a podcast, “The OGs Show” on which he talks about various topics and invites guests to present their opinions on subjects in front of his audience. A recent clip from an episode of his podcast is making rounds on the internet where the former Miami Heat player could be seen inviting Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to his podcast.

On being asked if would he like to have Kevin and Paul on his show, Haslem’s co-host and also a former player for the Miami Heat Mike Miller could be seen saying, “Of course yes.” Haslem agrees with Miller and then starts to talk about the rivalry between him and the two Hall of Famers. “Those rivalries we had, we felt a different way about each other. I did not like’em, and they probably did not like me either. So, if they wanna come on this podcast, and we can talk that m*****f******, I am down,” said Haslem on his podcast.

Haslem further continued his explanation, “If a team sends you back home, you despise them until the following year. The only team you are thinking about is the team that sent you back home all the way until the next year. So with that said, they could come on this podcast… that would be a hell of a podcast. I am smart now, I am a businessman.”

Why does Udonis Haslem hate Celtics?

The legendary Celtics duo of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce can rightly be considered as Udonis Haslem and the Miami Heat’s archrivals. Both the teams developed great animosity between them in the 2010s. The reason for this hatred emerges from the three consecutive playoffs both teams played in. From 2010 to 2012 the Miami Heat faced the Boston Celtics in the NBA playoffs in fierce matches, the Celtics were able to win the first encounter but the Heat struck back the next year and won the rest of the two playoff encounters.

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Rivalry in sports can take a gruesome form sometimes and grudges can remain with players even after retiring from the game. It was a great move by Udonis Haslem to invite the Celtics legends Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce on his podcast to solve the indifference between them. And if the two Hall of Famers accept the offer and decide to appear on his show, it would be a great entertaining episode to watch.

What do you think of Udonis Haslem inviting Garnett and Pierce to his podcast? Do you think the Celtics duo would accept the offer? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop them down in the comments and let us know.

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