“Greatest bench player of all time”: Heat retiring Udonis Haslem’s jersey leaves NBA fans in splits

Udonis Haslem is a known name among Miami Heat fans. He has been a polarising figure in the franchise’s fanbase, with many people having polar opposite opinions about him.

Some fans believe that he was a key player for the Heat and was important for their progress, while others think of him as a benchwarmer. The Miami Heat recently announced that they would be retiring Haslem’s jersey number and that announcement has sparked a difference of opinion in the fanbase.

Heat announces to retire Udonis Haslem’s jersey

The Miami Heat recently announced that they would be retiring the jersey number of Udonis Haslem, who has been an incredibly loyal player to the franchise and has made an invaluable contribution to the success of the franchise. Udonis wore jersey number 40 and retiring that jersey means that no other player present or future at the Miami Heat will be able to claim the number 40 for their jersey.

The number 40 at Heat would be forever reserved for Haslem and it is the franchise’s way of honouring a legend of their team.

Hasleem announced his retirement at the age of 43 earlier this year through his Instagram account after playing 20 years in the NBA. In his career, he won the NBA championship three times and was named to 10 NBA All-Star selections. He is indefinitely a Miami Heat legend and will be remembered by the fans of the franchise for his loyalty and contributions to the franchise.

Udonis Hasleem
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Fans react to Heat’s decision to retire Udonis Haslem’s No. 40

The NBA community also reacted to the announcement made by the Miami Heat. The decision to retire the jersey of Udonis Haslem has divided the fanbase into two. One-half of the people appreciate the decision and are thanking Haslem for his contribution, while also wishing him the best of luck in his future.

The other half of the people are criticizing this announcement and calling it an unnecessary measure that the Heat is taking. They don’t consider Hasleem to be great enough to deserve such honor, as one fan expressed his displeasure by commenting, “Greatest bench player of all time.”

Another fan joined in on the bandwagon to troll the decision and commented, “That organization is so shameless man, he’s a career 2ppg player and rides the bench be serious.”

The displeasure among some fans is understandable, as Haslem was never a flashy player who gained attention by scoring record-high points or breaking other existing records. He was more of a controlling player who used his talents to control the tempo and pace of the game; he was a skilled defender and could collect rebounds, which earned him the reputation of a tough and gritty player. He formed a great trio with LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, making the Heat a formidable team.

What do you think about the Miami Heat’s decision to retire Udonis Haslem’s jersey? Do you think Haslem deserves this honor? We are eager to know your opinions, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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