UEFA chief Aleksander Ceferin provides honest opinion on alleged FFP charges on Manchester City: “We were right”

Manchester City are currently one of the best teams in the entire world, having won the treble last season. They had also won their maiden Champions League trophy after many years of trying. The club is enjoying one of the best periods in its entire history.

However, the Citizens also have some serious accusations against them, as many rival fans accuse the club of ‘buying’ their success. It is no hidden fact that the club has always spent lots of money since their takeover in 2008. And now they are facing some serious accusations.

UEFA chief talks on alleged FFP charges on Manchester City

The Premier League recently decided to charge Manchester City for breaking FFP rules, with a whopping 115 charges against them. They have recently cracked down on other clubs, with Everton and Nottingham Forest facing investigations as well, with the former already being punished earlier with a points deduction.

The recent investigation by the Premier League is actually quite late, with Europe’s governing soccer body, UEFA, having already found the club guilty back in 2020 and subsequently banning them for two years from any European competitions. But the club managed to overturn that ban by appealing the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Now that they are again being investigated, this time by the Premier League, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin was asked about his opinions. In the interview with The Telegraph, he said that their previous decision was correct: “We know we were right. We wouldn’t decide if we didn’t think we were right.”

However, Ceferin refused to say what actions they will take if City is found guilty again, saying he respects the CAS ruling back in 2020 that overturned the ban.

What punishment could Manchester City face if found guilty?

While UEFA is not investigating the club and therefore cannot punish them, the Premier League could do so, as they have already shown to other clubs. The pressure is very high from the fans as well as the other clubs and therefore the club could be punished drastically, with 115 charges placed.

The most obvious and likely punishment will be a massive fine, which City would not struggle with. However, they could be relegated from the Premier League to lower divisions, which could also see them banned from Europe.

Furthermore, they could be given massive point deductions this season, and their previous trophies could also be taken away. A transfer ban and spending limit aren’t out of the question either. Any punishments will likely be opposed by City, who would try to appeal the case. If the Premier League does punish the club, UEFA could also do the same.

Manchester City will worry about those late, as they will have to face Tottenham on Sunday in a FA Cup 4th round fixture.

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