WWE veteran R-Truth outlines the main difference between Judgment Day and Bloodline: “Life, love, and happiness.”

R-Truth has been actively involved in the ongoing Judgment Day storyline on WWE Monday Night Raw, making various attempts to join the faction. At the Survivor Series 2023 Premium Live Event, Truth made his surprise return to the WWE Universe and has since been on a mission to become a permanent member of Judgment Day in WWE Raw.

However, in his pursuit of this status, he has recently drawn comparisons between Judgment Day and WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns’s Bloodline faction.

R-Truth reveals the difference between Judgement Day and Bloodline

WWE superstar R-Truth is currently involved in a storyline, attempting to join Judgment Day after his win against JD McDonagh. When recently asked if his situation is the same as Sami Zayn’s situation with The Bloodline last year, Truth insists that his and Sami Zayn’s storylines are entirely different.

During an interview with Bill Apter, the former 24/7 Champion R-Truth addressed comparisons made by Apter between Judgment Day and The Bloodline. Truth explained that the two heel factions are completely different from his perspective.

“They had a situation going on. We don’t have a situation. The only thing we got over here Bill, is life, love, and happiness over here. We don’t have anything to worry about. Sami Zayn and The Bloodline had problems. We don’t have any problems,” said R-Truth.

R-Truth talks about Sami Zayn’s situation with The Bloodline

WWE has created some amazing storylines that have captured the attention of the fanbase and helped elevate certain superstars to new heights. One such entertaining angle involves R-Truth’s involvement with Judgment Day. In an exclusive interview with Bill Apter, the veteran wrestler discussed the similarities between his current storyline and Sami Zayn’s time with The Bloodline.

Sami Zayn was involved in a memorable storyline with The Bloodline, where he failed to receive the desired attention from the dominant group. However, he was eventually rewarded for his efforts and given a special spot in Roman Reigns’ faction. Unfortunately, it all came to an end when Zayn betrayed The Tribal Chief and turned on him.

Fans have recently pointed out that R-Truth’s involvement in the Judgment Day storyline seems to have some similarities with Sami Zayn’s previous attempts to join forces with The Bloodline. However, in an interview with Bill Apter, the former United States Champion emphasized that his connection with The Judgment Day is simpler, while the dynamic between Sami Zayn and The Bloodline is much more complex. When asked about the possible similarities between his story and Sami Zayn’s, R-Truth clarified to Bill Apter that there are no such similarities.

“Oh no! No! This is different. This is totally different! Different, BA, because I’m in! Sami had a problem getting in. They were going back and forth. That was complicated. Captial complicated. They had a situation going on. We don’t have a situation,” said R-Truth.

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