UFC star Sean Strickland leaks private IG message of Youtuber turned boxer Bryce Hall

The influencer-turned-crossover boxers have gained massive popularity in recent times, and they have even faced professional fighters. Even veteran fighters have entered the ring with these crossover boxers, resulting in surprising losses.

Now, a former UFC champion is looking to take on crossover boxers to the delight of combat sports fans. The potential of the crossover boxer with bare-knuckle boxing acumen facing one of the best boxers in the UFC has put fans on the edge of their seats.

Sean Strickland exposes Bryce Hall

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland called out crossover boxer Bryce Hall to a boxing match. Strickland leaked the DM’s he sent to Hall on Instagram on X, which has riled up the MMA fans. “Ok…… deal….Me and you this week….. I’ll give you a location. You can bring a go pro or something…”, Strickland wrote in the Instagram DMs.

“Just me and you. I’m tired of this gym bs……..You ready to be a man for the first time in your life?”, Strickland challenged Hall to box him. Strickland’s direct message came after Hall criticized him for his intense sparring session with controversial streamer Sneako, where Sneako ended up bloodied at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas.

Hall met with Sneako after the sparring session and promised to seek revenge against Strickland, but Sneako didn’t hold any grudges against Strickland. Despite this, Hall openly challenged Strickland to a fight during an interview with Inside Fighting. Moreover, Hall even challenged Strickland to a fight in an interview with Inside Fighting. “Dana set me up with Sean Strickland. I want to do a spar”, Hall said in the interview.

“When you’re an experienced fighter, you should never go into a spar with somebody that has little to no boxing experience and try to knock him out”, Hall further said of his thoughts on Strickland’s intense sparring with Sneako.

Sean Strickland in limelight for beefing with media personalities

Sean Strickland lost the middleweight title at UFC 297 and in the past few days has been embroiled in feuds outside the UFC. His intense sparring session received criticism from crossover boxing stars like Jake Paul and Bryce Hall. Strickland also insulted Machine Gun Kelly, who was present at Power Slap 6.

After video footage emerged of Sneako with bloodied injuries from sparring with Strickland, Jake Paul challenged Strickland to a boxing match and even offered $1 million for the potential match. Strickland accepted the match but revealed that such actions would illicit a lawsuit from the UFC with whom he has signed an exclusive contract.

UFC CEO Dana White even shared his thoughts about Strickland’s verbal insults at Machine Gun Kelly at the post-fight presser of Power Slap 6. Preluding his title fight at UFC 297 against Dricus du Plessis, Strickland had a physical altercation with du Plessis in the audience of UFC 296.

Nonetheless, Strickland has a loyal fan base and they vehemently believed that Strickland was robbed of a victory at UFC 297 against du Plessis. Moreover, they even forced Jon Anik to contemplate retirement after he agreed with the judge’s decision at the UFC 297 main event.

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