Utah Jazz make roster moves by waiving Josh Christopher, signing Jason Preston

2024 is on, and it seems the Utah Jazz are gearing up to get busy in the NBA trade business. With the trade window now open, the team from Utah wasted no time in making their first moves. The Utah Jazz recently made roster adjustments and it seems they are far from done.

While the 1st half of the season is done, NBA trade rumors and gossip have hit the ground. However, safe to say Utah Jazz will be busy and are already as things continue to develop who they will bring and trade for.

Utah Jazz Shuffles Roster with Two-Way Deals

The Utah Jazz have announced significant roster changes by waiving Josh Christopher and signing Jason Preston to a two-way contract. With these moves, the Jazz seek to shake up their roster and infuse fresh talent into their lineup.

Josh Christopher, who had a career with the Houston Rockets encompassing 138 games from 2021 to 2023, has yet to make an appearance in the NBA this season. However, the young shooting guard has demonstrated his potential and skill during his time with the Jazz’s G League affiliate, the Salt Lake City Stars.

In 18 games played, Christopher has averaged an impressive 17.1 points, 4.9 rebounds, and 6.0 assists in 29.0 minutes per contest. Nevertheless, the Jazz have made the decision to waive him, opening up opportunities for other players.

In contrast, the Jazz have signed Jason Preston to a two-way deal. Preston, who has played in 14 games throughout his career, brings a different style to the team with his versatility and abilities as a playmaker.

Jason averaged 2.9 points, 1.6 rebounds, and 1.9 assists per game, showcasing his room for growth. With these roster changes, the Utah Jazz aims to bolster their lineup with the addition of Preston while opening up new possibilities for young talents within their organization.

Preston’s Journey from Training Camp to Two-Way Contract

The Utah Jazz have made some notable roster moves by waiving shooting guard Josh Christopher and signing point guard Jason Preston as this move comes as part of the team’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its lineup for the upcoming season.

Preston’s journey to securing a spot on the Jazz roster has been a challenging one as he began his training camp with the Memphis Grizzlies but was ultimately waived before the regular season commenced. Later he faced another setback when the Los Angeles Clippers cut him at the beginning of October, just before his $1.8 million salary could become fully guaranteed.

Despite these setbacks, Preston has shown promise and resilience. Last season, he appeared in 14 games for the Clippers and primarily played in the G League. His time in the G League with the Memphis Hustle was particularly noteworthy, as he averaged an impressive 12.4 points on 48.1% shooting, along with 8.6 assists and 7.9 rebounds per game in 17 appearances, 16 of which he started.

In a recent announcement, Andy Larsen from the Salt Lake Tribune reported that the Jazz have officially waived Josh Christopher and signed Jason Preston to a two-way contract. This move reflects the team’s belief in Preston’s potential and his ability to contribute positively to their lineup.

It’s a quick smart business from the Utah Jazz side and hope it pays them off in the long run, hoping things will turn out as they planned.

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