Watch: 49ers stars Fred Warner, Deebo Samuel, Mitch Wishnowsky steal the show during Giants home opener

The San Francisco 49ers continue to chase the elusive Lombardi trophy, last secured in 1995, regardless of their strong past season.  Their hopes were dashed in the recent Super Bowl, succumbing to the “Kirk Cousins Curse” in an overtime defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Meanwhile, as the team is now dealing with losses in draft prospects, the team’s players Fred Warner and Deebo Samuel injected excitement by throwing ceremonial first pitches, alongside Mitch Wishnowsky’s inaugural punt at the 2024 MLB season ceremony.

Video: Fred Warner, Deebo Samuel throw ceremonial first pitches

49ers players brought some football flair to the baseball diamond at Oracle Park on Friday, participating in pre-game ceremonies ahead of the San Francisco Giants matchup against the San Diego Padres. Fred Warner and Deebo Samuel donned Giants jerseys as they took to the field. Warner and Samuel were tasked with throwing out the ceremonial first pitches, aiming to show their support for their hometown baseball team.

While Samuel’s pitch was decent, Warner’s attempt didn’t quite hit the mark. His throw veered off course, bouncing awkwardly on the grass halfway between the pitcher’s mound and home plate. The misfire quickly became the talk of the day, with even Warner’s teammate Samuel joining in on the light-hearted teasing, per Sactown Sports.

Despite Warner’s erratic pitch, the fun didn’t end there. Penei Sewell, an offensive lineman for the Detroit Lions, had the privilege of throwing out the first pitch at the Detroit Tigers’ home opener against the Oakland A’s. Sewell, who has connections to Utah like some of the 49ers players, showcased his skills on the baseball field. Sewell’s toss was highly regarded for its precision, making it stand out from the rest.

The Giants could reciprocate the football-themed festivities by inviting some of their own stars to showcase their skills on the gridiron. With the Giants hoping to improve on their 2-5 record, injecting some football spirit into the baseball atmosphere could provide a fun and entertaining twist for fans.

Video: Mitch Wishnowsky kicks ceremonial first punt in McCovey Cove

The unusual event of a ceremonial “first punt” for the 2024 MLB season proved to be a hit through 49ers punter Mitch Wishnowsky. He joined in on the fun during Friday’s pre-game ceremonies at Oracle Park, adding his unique twist to the traditional ceremonial first pitch.

Instead of tossing a baseball like his teammates, Wishnowsky showcased his kicking prowess by launching a football into McCovey Cove. The Aussie punter’s booming kick delighted the crowd and added more excitement to the festivities.

As the football sailed through the air and landed in the cove, a nearby kayaker eagerly retrieved it, adding to the spectacle of the occasion.

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