Justin Gaethje doesn’t want “f***ing loser” Jorge Masvidal to wrap BMF title around winner’s waist after his UFC 300 bout against Max Holloway

UFC 300, the coveted PPV of the promotion, has two title fights and one BMF title fight in the main event. The BMF title fight between Justin Gaethje and Max ‘Blessed’ Holloway has been considered by fight fans as the people’s main event.

When Gaethje won the BMF title with a head-kick knockout of Dustin Poirier at UFC 291, it was Jorge Masvidal, the former BMF champion, who wrapped the belt around his weight. However, Gaethje did not mince his words about Masvidal in a recent interview.

Justin Gaethje reveals why he does not want Jorge Masvidal presenting the BMF title

The inaugural BMF title fight was between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244 at Madison Square Garden. Masvidal won the fight via doctor stoppage and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson wrapped the belt around his waist instead of Dana White, the then President of the UFC now CEO.

Max Holloway recently expressed his interest in having Mark Coleman, the former UFC heavyweight champion, wrap the BMF belt around the victor at UFC 300. In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Gaethje had no qualms about Max Holloway’s suggestion. “I’ll definitely enjoy it more than [Jorge] Masvidal putting [the belt] on me”, said Gaethje who went on to call Masvidal a ‘f**king loser’.

Masvidal and Gaethje do not have any personal beef. However, Masvidal fought and lost twice to Kamaru Usman, Justin Gaethje’s close friend, in undisputed welterweight title fights. Moreover, Masvidal has also bet big on Dustin Poirier against Gaethje at UFC 291.

Holloway’s suggestion of Coleman came after the former heavyweight champion rescued his parents from a fire in his home – an action worthy of a real-life BMF. Coleman was in critical condition in the hospital but has recovered and will be at UFC 300 per Bleacher Report.

What happened between Justin Gaethje and Masvidal?

The animosity between Justin Gaethje and Jorge Masvidal which is professional and not personal came after Gaethje became the BMF champion at UFC 291. Masvidal had bet big on Dustin Poirier, his friend and training partner. At the time, Masvidal had retired after his loss to Gilbert Burns at UFC 287.

However, after Gaethje’s victory, Masvidal expressed interest in fighting him in multiple interviews. “In the future, if Gaethje still has that title I wouldn’t mind snatching it right off his hands via taking his f***ing head off clean”, said Masvidal in an interview with Amy Kaplan for Fansided MMA.

Masvidal revealed that he has no ill will towards Gaethje but found the lightweight fighting style an excellent matchup for him to showcase his abilities to the fullest. Nonetheless, Masvidal does not have any MMA fights lined up.

Masvidal’s upcoming fight is a boxing match against his former foe, Nate Diaz. The duo will be competing in 10 10-round light heavyweight boxing bout at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles, California on June 1, 2024.

Who do you think will wrap the BMF belt around the waist of the victor of Justin Gaethje versus Max Holloway? Leave your prediction below!


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