Watch: Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes reflects on blowout loss to Broncos, providing health update

Following a triumphant Super Bowl-winning season, the Kansas City Chiefs, under the leadership of Patrick Mahomes, encountered their first setback during the season-opening game. However, they quickly regained their footing and embarked on a stunning winning streak. Unfortunately, this streak was interrupted in Week 8 by the Denver Broncos.

The inclement weather proved to be a blessing in disguise for the Broncos, as it left the Chiefs’ hero feeling uncomfortable even before the game began. This discomfort contributed to the Denver team finally snapping their 16-game losing streak against the Chiefs.

 Patrick Mahomes talks on defeat vs Broncos

Under Patrick Mahomes’ guidance, the Chiefs’ offense has become a spectacle of skill and creativity since his rookie season. Nevertheless, the NFL’s Week 8 came, and what the Chiefs never dreamed of happened at last, snatching their supremacy over Russell Wilson’s team by a 24-9 loss, per ESPN.

The Chief’s glimmer of hope, Patrick Mahomes, witnessed more bad luck, recording his second-lowest single-game quarterback rating (59.2) and wrapping up the game with zero touchdowns.

In spite of covering his team’s fault, the two-time Super Bowl champ was adamant about accepting their guilt and showing light on their missed opportunities during the whole night.

“We didn’t play good enough. We didn’t hit our shots when they were there and then when they were there, we didn’t execute it,” he said in the press conference. 

The Broncos’ head coach, Sean Payton, had alluded to his team’s potential rebound performance before the game, and they indeed managed to achieve it, bringing an end to their losing streak.

From the Chiefs’ game plan to the players’ performances, everything seemed to go awry, leaving Mahomes with no choice but to acknowledge the Broncos’ impressive comeback.

“Props to them. They played their tail off and they deserved to win today,” Mahomes said.

While the Broncos’ Russell Wilson shone, Mahomes never found his rhythm, and his milestone of 29 games with a passing touchdown was also halted.

 Update on Patrick Mahomes illness

As NFL Week 8 loomed, threatening to add another setback to Patrick Mahomes’s team, the quarterback started facing issues even before kick-off. During a press conference, he revealed that he was dealing with stomach problems. The two-time MVP, however, was resolute in stating that this ailment wouldn’t significantly hinder his participation in the game.

He reassured everyone that his stomach issues had subsided by morning, leaving him in suitable condition to play.

Patrick Mahomes
Sports Illustrated

“I started feeling bad last night and I bounced back pretty well in the morning, so I went out there to try to do whatever I could to help us win.”

At a time, his participation was projected to be questionable, yet the team’s head coach Andy Reid quickly dismissed the notion that the injury of the 28-year-old warranted him sitting out against the Broncos.

The first upset loss gifted the team to witness a winning streak at a stretch till Week 7. Do you think this one will also serve as a challenging one for them to prove their legacy?

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