Watch: Former NFL QB Vince Young gets knocked out cold in brutal bar fight

In this offseason, the Tennessee Titans have mostly garnered attention for bagging L’Jarius Sneed from back-to-back Super Bowl winner Kansas City Chiefs. It is the same team with which former NFL player Vince Young started his NFL career as the No. 3 overall pick of the 2006 NFL Draft. 

Vince Young made a significant impact in his debut season in the NFL. He achieved the Offensive Rookie of the Year award during his time with the Titans and was also honored with a Pro Bowl selection. However, this young star recently found himself back in the news for a reason that has nothing to do with his stellar play.

Video: Vince Young KOed in vicious bar brawl

Last month, Vince Young found himself in the midst of a violent altercation at a bar in Houston. Surveillance footage captured the incident, which occurred on February 4th at Tokyo Joe’s Shot Bar. The video reveals a chaotic scene involving Young and several other individuals, as reported by TMZ.

In the footage, Young was sporting a black t-shirt and white hat. The 40-year-old can be seen in the midst of a heated discussion with multiple men. As tensions escalated, the former player pushed away two men who approached him aggressively, sparking a physical confrontation.

He received a sucker punch during the altercation, briefly losing consciousness before someone helped him to his feet. The altercation continued to escalate, with punches thrown and chaos ensuing around the bar.

According to reports, the bar owner who called authorities claimed that the altercation started with a discussion about race. Nevertheless, no charges were pressed, and no arrests were made regardless of the violent nature of the incident.

The bar owner himself was allegedly a victim of the altercation, having a drink thrown in his face and sustaining an elbow to the head. As details of the incident continue to surface, Young has yet to comment on the situation regarding the events that transpired at Tokyo Joe’s Shot Bar.

Did Vince Young announce bankruptcy after NFL retirement?

In 2014, Vince Young made headlines when he filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It revealed his dire financial situation, despite earning over $35 million throughout his career.

The root of his financial downfall lay in his extravagant spending habits, which far exceeded his earnings. Hence, he found himself drowning in debt, owing as much as $10 million while possessing a mere $500,001 in assets.

The former NFL vet himself admitted to neglecting his finances, entrusting them to his advisor and an uncle he hired as his manager. Unfortunately, this decision proved costly, as his financial advisor misappropriated $5.5 million of his money.

Furthermore, following his bankruptcy filing, Young embarked on a journey of financial discovery with his attorney. He uncovered documents with forged signatures and investments in ventures he had no knowledge of. 

Young’s penchant for lavish spending further compounded his financial woes, with reports surfacing of his extravagant expenditures at The Cheesecake Factory. Allegedly, he spent $5,000 a week at the restaurant and even dropped $15,000 in a single sitting. 

His indulgent lifestyle is said to be the main culprit for draining his resources at an alarming rate.

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