Watch: Grizzlies HC furiously confronts ref after LeBron James’ vicious hit on Jaren Jackson Jr

2024 has arrived, and the NBA headlines are ablaze once again with new incidents. This time involving LeBron James. Following their triumph in the recently introduced in-season tournament, the Lakers team is riding a wave of high energy. However, it seems that James may have taken this enthusiasm to another level, resulting in a furious confrontation between the Grizzlies’ head coach and a referee.

So much so that the incident of the clash between the coach and the ref added another layer of intensity to an already explosive encounter, and it seems the drama continues to unfold in the NBA.

LeBron James hits Jaren Jackson Jr

The ever-intriguing matchup between the Memphis Grizzlies and the LA Lakers reached a boiling point. Even Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins unleashed his fury at a referee following a controversial move by LeBron James.

During the third quarter, the game took a dramatic turn when LeBron stole the ball from Jaren Jackson Jr. Amid a fierce 50-50 play, both players ended up on the floor grappling for possession. In an attempt to break free, LeBron inadvertently struck Jackson in the face, leaving the coach visibly displeased.

LeBron James vs Jaren Jackson Jr
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Jenkins, having a clear view of the incident just in front of the Grizzlies’ bench, couldn’t contain his anger and stormed onto the court, disrupting the play. His intention was to confront the ref and voice his indignation regarding the incident involving the reigning Defensive Player of the Year.

LeBron and the Lakers found themselves embroiled in a tightly contested game, hoping to break a three-game losing streak. With a disappointing record of nine losses in their last twelve games, the Lakers were desperate for a victory.

The league will undoubtedly review the confrontation, determining the appropriate actions based on the video evidence. But one thing is for certain, this clash between the Grizzlies and Lakers will be remembered as a noteworthy moment this season.

Taylor Jenkins outraged by ref for missed call

In a heated moment during Friday’s game between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Los Angeles Lakers, Grizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins exploded with anger towards a referee. The incident occurred when LeBron James forcefully shoved Jaren Jackson Jr. in the throat during a scramble for a loose ball.

Jenkins, visibly outraged by the missed call, sprang onto the court and directed his fury towards the official. His immediate concern was the well-being of his star forward, who had been struck above the shoulders without a foul being called on James. Unfortunately for Jenkins, his passionate confrontation with the referee resulted in a technical foul being issued against him.

Despite the heated exchange, the Grizzlies managed to come out on top with a 127–113 victory over the Lakers. LeBron James put up an impressive performance, contributing 32 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds in 39 minutes of play.

While the confrontation between LeBron James and Jaren Jackson Jr. is sure to spark further debate about player safety, there is no doubt this year has started pretty hot given the cold Christmas.

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