Watch: Jonathan Kuminga’s gaffe during Warriors vs Lakers NBA pre-season game stuns Stephen Curry and Chris Paul

During a recent NBA preseason game between the Golden State Warriors and the Los Angeles Lakers, rookie Jonathan Kuminga made a surprising gaffe that left Stephen Curry and Chris Paul stunned. 

The pre-season started with the Golden State Warriors facing their arch nemesis, the Los Angeles Lakers, which got more exciting as the meetup between these two always produced memories.

Jonathan Kuminga’s blunder stuns Stephen Curry

The incident occurred during a fast-paced play, as Kuminga dribbled down the court with determination. With the game’s intensity at its peak, the young player failed to recognize that Curry had momentarily taken a seat on the sideline.

Curry’s reaction was a mix of confusion and amusement as the ball flew towards him. He quickly caught sight of Kuminga’s mishap and shared a puzzled look with teammate Chris Paul. The audience erupted into laughter and disbelief, unable to comprehend the unexpected turn of events. The moment became an instant viral sensation, with fans and sports commentators sharing clips and memes of the hilarious incident across social media platforms. While it looked like a perfect pass, fans hope this continues while Steph is on the court.

Warriors vs Lakers match review

In an exhilarating game between two NBA powerhouses, the Golden State Warriors triumphed over the Los Angeles Lakers, securing an impressive victory with a scoreline of 128-108 to start off their pre-season.

Golden State Warriors vs LA Lakers
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Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the match was the long-awaited debut of Chris Paul, who recently joined the Warriors. Despite limited playing time, Paul made an immediate impact, exhibiting his trademark playmaking skills. Within just 13 minutes, he showcased his versatility, contributing 6 points, 4 rebounds, and 5 assists to the team’s success. As it was only a pre-season, key players like LeBron James and Steph Curry were either rested or given a few minutes on the court.

With this commanding win, the Golden State Warriors have laid down a strong marker for the season ahead, announcing their intentions to regain their position among the league’s elite. And whether they are able to do it or not with the tight schedules and possibility of injuries, it could be a vital season for them and their fans.

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