Watch: Newcastle’s ball boy ruins Mohammed Kudus’ trademark celebration

Player celebrations are a big thing in the sport of soccer. Some are iconic celebrations that resonate with many around the globe, such as Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Suii’ celebration, which even include other athletes. Players like Mohammed Kudus use it to express their own emotions.

Celebrations are therefore a special and even sacred thing in the sport, and almost all players nowadays have a trademark celebration after they score a goal. However, one such celebration did not go as expected during the Newcastle United vs West Ham game.

Watch: Newcastle’s ball boy rejects Mohammed Kudus’ celebration request

The incident happened during the West Ham vs Newcastle United game earlier today. Mohammed Kudus had just scored the second goal for West Ham at the half time mark, putting his team in the lead. He was on his way to do his trademark celebration with the stool, but a ball boy refused to give him the stool he was sitting on.

Kudus had politely asked the Newcastle ball boy to give him the stool, but it seems he did not understand why and refused. Instead of arguing with the ball boy, Kudus instead celebrated by sitting on the advertising boards along with his other teammates.

He later spoke with the ball boy, and appeared to explain to him why he had wanted the stool. The whole exchange has gone viral, with many social media users seeing the hilarity of it. Many even attributed the ball boy for Newcastle’s eventual win.

However, the game did not go in the way of the Hammers, as they lost the game 4-3 at the end. Despite being 3-1 up at one point, Newcastle would go on to score three goals in the last 13 minutes of the game.

What does Mohammed Kudus’s signature goal celebration mean?

Mohammed Kudus celebrates in a very unique manner to other players, as he sits on a chair or advertising board to celebrate his every goal. This distinct celebration had many puzzled and the 23 year old had attracted much interest from social media users.

In a recent interview, the Ghana international revealed that his celebration was purely for entertainment purposes and had no hidden meaning. He said, “I just thought about something out of the box and then some other people followed it up.”

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“There’s no deeper meaning. I just see it as entertainment, something to make people happy and worth the ticket that they bought. I’m still just having fun in the playground.” He also hinted he will have to invent a new one to keep things interesting.

West Ham fans will hope to see Mohammed Kudus celebrate once again in their next clash against Tottenham on Wednesday.

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