Watch: Tom Brady whips perfect pass to UFC champ Alexander Volkanovski at Melbourne event

The NFL legend Tom Brady, for the first time since 2000, is not playing in the NFL, while the best coach in his eyes, Bill Belichick, also lost his job to Jarod Mayo. While Belichick’s future in the league remains uncertain, Brady has been dedicating significant time to his family and friends.

After sharing a memorable Christmas day celebration with his children, Brady is currently making waves with his adventures in Australia and his interactions with UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski.

Tom Brady’s interaction with Alexander Volkanovski

Tom Brady let Alexander Volkanovski showcase his versatility beyond his rugby skills during an event with the NFL legend in Melbourne.

After taking a break from his UFC 298 fight camp, Volkanovski joined Tom Brady at the “Evening with Tom Brady” event, where he impressed attendees with his athletic prowess. Brady, acknowledging Volkanovski’s background in rugby, invited him onstage for a special moment during the event.

Then the 46-year-old tasked the UFC star with running a route into the crowd to receive a pass from him. Nevertheless, the UFC champion embraced the challenge with ease.  The featherweight kingpin seamlessly caught a long pass from Brady, drawing admiration from both fight fans and football enthusiasts.

Brady jokingly commented on his decision to make the pass challenging for others but not for Volkanovski.

“See, there’s part of me that says, I can’t make it that easy, because they’re going to go back and be like, ‘That was easy, I caught a pass. So sometimes I like to make it a little hard. But not for him, because I love him! You’ve got to go right down the middle.”

Sharing the heartwarming interaction on his Instagram, Volkanovski also shared his deep love for the NFL great.

Tom Brady is enjoying a vacation with friends in Australia

Tom Brady has been spotted enjoying a vacation in Australia with friends. Recent Instagram stories revealed Brady and his former personal trainer, Alex Guerro, along with three other companions, were having a great time at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Fig Tree Pocket, Brisbane.

The group’s visit to the sanctuary preceded Brady’s scheduled speaking event in Brisbane, where he is set to delve into various topics, including his illustrious career and personal life.

Brady’s bond with his former personal trainer, Alex Guerrero, has been widely recognized and documented. Although they had not been seen together frequently since Brady’s retirement in early 2023, their friendship remained evident during their Australian excursion. Despite their limited public appearances together post-retirement, Brady and Guerrero continue to share mutual respect and admiration.

During his visit, Brady took the opportunity to commend Australian rules football players, emphasizing their toughness compared to American athletes. 

Ahead of his exclusive sit-down event at Brisbane Stadium, Tom Terrific was also spotted taking a leisurely stroll in Brisbane, unfazed by the rain. Accompanied by a male friend, Brady ventured down a footpath while carrying an umbrella adorned with the logo of Brisbane’s chic Calile hotel.

Nonetheless, it is still evident that Tom Brady, despite being absent from the NFL for quite some time now, hasn’t lost his touch yet. Do you want to see Brady play in the NFL again? Tell us in the comments.


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