Tom Brady celebrates Christmas with kids in pioneer mountains amidst mourning the loss of beloved dog Lua

When it comes to the term “quarterback,” the name that naturally comes to mind, transcending team loyalties, is none other than Tom Brady. Nevertheless, after hanging up his cleats for good, the NFL legend is committed to investing the majority of his time and efforts into his children, addressing a previous regret of not dedicating enough time to family.

Despite persistent requests from fans and silent attempts from the Las Vegas Raiders, Brady has steadfastly adhered to his decision. Meanwhile, the paternal side of Brady shines through as he shares a glimpse of their Christmas celebration, reassuring fans that his choice is a meaningful one.

Tom Brady spends Christmas with kids in mountains

Retired NFL legend Tom Brady embraced the festive spirit this Christmas, marking his first holiday season post-retirement with a heartwarming celebration alongside his children. The seven-time Super Bowl winner, aged 46, chose a unique getaway in the midst of snow-covered mountains, creating cherished memories with his kids, Benjamin Rein (14), Vivian Lake (11), and Jack (16).

Brady shared glimpses of their Christmas Eve on Instagram, featuring moments of tree decoration and family bonding. The retired quarterback, known for his illustrious career, showcased the joyous occasion spent with his children. The images and video conveyed a sense of warmth and togetherness as the family engaged in the festive tradition of adorning their Christmas tree.

The Brady bunch was not confined to indoor festivities, as the retired quarterback treated his followers to snapshots from a skiing outing. The picturesque mountain setting, covered in snow, became the backdrop for the family’s pre-Christmas ski trip.

In one image, Brady lifted his daughter to hang a ornament from a high branch while singing the song “Better Together” by Jack Johnson. While the Brady family embraced the holiday spirit, it remained uncertain whether ex-wife Gisele Bundchen or former girlfriend Bridget Moynahan were with them in the celebrations.

Beyond the snowy landscapes and tree decorating, Brady’s Instagram story unfolded more scenes of family joy that he made with his sons recently. The retired quarterback showcased moments from an indoor basketball court, where he and his sons engaged in friendly games. The caption, “Love is everything,” encapsulated the sentiment of the shared moments.

Tom Brady mourns the loss of family dog Lua

Tom Brady revealed the passing of his family’s beloved pet dog, Lua, on Saturday. The quarterback, known for his on-field achievements and charitable efforts, took to his Instagram story to share the sad news along with poignant memories of Lua.

The emotional Instagram story featured two photos capturing tender moments with Lua. In the first image, two of Brady’s children are seen lying with the dog, accompanied by a caption that expresses the family’s love for Lua and conveys their heartfelt farewell, “We love you Lua RIP,” adorned with three heart emojis, a prayer emoji, and a sparkle emoji.

Brady continued to share the impact Lua had on their lives, posting another photo of the departed pet and expressing, “Forever in our hearts.” The Instagram story also included a heartwarming boomerang of Brady’s daughter playing with Lua, encapsulating the cherished moments they shared.

A renowned dog lover, Tom Brady has not only welcomed Lua into his family but has also dedicated time to volunteering at animal shelters. Lua, a cherished family member, was co-owned by Brady and his ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, during their marriage.

Gisele Bündchen, the supermodel and co-owner of Lua, shared her own heartfelt tribute on Instagram. She posted a collection of ten photos celebrating the life of their “little Lulu,” referring to Lua as their guardian angel who has now gone to heaven.

Tom Brady’s former wife expressed the enduring impact Lua had on their hearts.

“She will forever live in our hearts. We already miss her sooooo much! #unconditionallove RIPLua,” she wrote in the post, accompanied by a broken heart emoji, per Fox News.

Only a pet lover will understand the suffering of Brady’s family after Lua’s death.

What’s your take on the NFL legend’s huge loss?

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