Watch: Youtuber IShowSpeed defeats NFL icon Sauce Gardner during meetup leaves fans divided

The New York Jets playoff aspirations were dashed with a lackluster 7-10 record in the regular season. Cornerback Sauce Gardner has showcased a promising performance throughout the season, despite battling with injuries.

However, it wasn’t just the young star’s on-field prowess that caught attention. He made waves on social media, from condemning Mac Jones‘ rough tackle to engaging in an online brawl with Asante Samuel. Gardner’s bold online presence continued as he recently made headlines for an intriguing interaction with American streamer IShowSpeed.

IShowSpeed goes toe-to-toe with Sauce Gardner

Darren Watkins Jr., known to his legion of fans as IShowSpeed, went head-to-head with Sauce Gardner. The encounter took place during the NFL Celebrity Flag Football Game. IShowSpeed, alongside notable personalities like streamer Kai Cenat and rapper 21 Savage, showcased his skills on the gridiron before the Super Bowl LVIII showdown.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly IShowSpeed’s mesmerizing move that saw him outmaneuver Gardner with a well-executed dummy. This jaw-dropping moment was captured and shared by the X account named Speed Updates.

IShowSpeed’s passion for sports, especially soccer, remains unwavering. He is a devoted fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and has traversed the globe to witness matches as well as rub shoulders with sporting icons.

However, his return to the United States coincided with the Super Bowl frenzy, allowing him to immerse himself in the excitement of American football once again. Among the memorable moments at the Power Slap event was the opportunity for IShowSpeed and his peers to meet NFL GOAT Tom Brady.

Fans reacting to IShowSpeed defeating Sauce Gardner

IShowSpeed has been renowned for his prowess in soccer since the 2022 FIFA World Cup. He once again captured hearts when he attempted to outmaneuver Sauce Gardner. The agility and finesse displayed by him in evading the Jets’ defense were nothing short of impressive.

Fans found themselves in awe of Speed’s skills, highlighting his exceptional talent amidst a sea of streamers.

A netizen wrote, “I’ve seen enough clips to realize that all the other streamers are just streamers, and Speed is actually talented at multiple things lmaoooo.”

Speed’s passion for the NFL shines through, especially for his beloved Cincinnati Bengals. Through rap videos and fervent displays of fandom, his allegiance to the Bengals is undeniable. Speculations ran wild in the aftermath of his victory over Gardner. Some fans even joked about Speed’s potential impact on professional teams like the Chiefs, in contrast to their current roster struggles.

A fan wrote, “Mahomes wishing he had him instead of Kadarius Toney.”

However, not everyone is convinced of Speed’s prowess on the football field. Skeptics argue that his success against Gardner was merely a result of the informal nature of their encounter.

A user wrote, “Speed ran a quadruple move ofcourse sauce gone let him take that, it’s not a real route.”

What’s your take on this matter? Do you think that Speed can pursue a potential NFL career?


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