Weeks after giving “face of the Lakers” nod, LeBron James hails Anthony Davis as an all-time great for the franchise

Just a few weeks after bestowing the prestigious title of “face of the Lakers” upon Anthony Davis, LeBron James has once again taken the opportunity to shower his teammate with praise. LeBron, who has been the face of the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA, seems to have voiced his thoughts on passing the torch to his teammate Anthony Davis.

While his praises earlier didn’t go unnoticed by the media, his recent comments about the power forward have definitely caught a lot of attention with a few strong and bold words, going as far as to claim Davis a seat among the all-time greats.

LeBron applauds Davis’ as “one of the greatest bigs” of Lakers

LeBron James has nothing but high praise for his fellow teammate and co-captain, Anthony Davis. In a recent interview, LeBron applauded Davis as “one of the greatest bigs” to ever don the Lakers jersey.

“AD’s great, man. AD’s amazing,” LeBron exclaimed. “We’re both co-captains, and he’s just as much of a leader of this ballclub as I am. I have so much respect for him and what he brings to the table.”

LeBron’s admiration for Davis goes beyond just his on-court skills. He believes that Anthony Davis embodies everything that the Lakers franchise could ask for and more. His versatility, talent, and leadership qualities make him an invaluable asset to the team.

“He’s one of the greatest bigs to play for this franchise, for sure,” LeBron James remarked confidently. With a legacy that includes legendary Lakers big men like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Shaquille O’Neal, and Wilt Chamberlain, being mentioned in the same breath is a testament to Davis’ impact on the team.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis
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LeBron and Davis have formed a formidable partnership on and off the court, and their mutual respect and admiration for each other is evident. As the Lakers continue their journey toward NBA dominance, having Davis as one of their pillars ensures a bright future for the storied franchise.

LeBron James designates Anthony Davis as the franchise face

In a resounding declaration of trust and admiration, NBA great LeBron James has officially designated his teammate Anthony Davis as the new “face of the franchise” for the Los Angeles Lakers. Speaking at NBA Media Day on Monday, King James expressed his unwavering support for Davis, acknowledging his immense talent and the impact he has already made within the Lakers organization.

“He is the face [of the franchise],” LeBron said with conviction. “You look at all these [retired] numbers that surround this facility, all the greats that have come here. AD is one of them.”

This proclamation stems from the Lakers’ unwavering commitment to Davis, who inked a lucrative three-year contract worth $177 million in August 2022. With this deal, the star forward has firmly tied himself to the team until 2025.

Davis’ extraordinary performance in the 2022 season further solidified his position as the cornerstone of the Lakers team. Averaging 25.9 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 2.6 assists per game, the dynamic power forward showcased his versatility and importance to the team’s success. Shooting an impressive 56.3% from the field and displaying a solid defensive presence, Davis’ impact went beyond the stat sheet.

As Anthony Davis embarks on a new era as the face of the franchise, Lakers fans eagerly anticipate the tremendous success that lies ahead. With the backing and support of his superstar teammate LeBron James, Anthony Davis is poised to carry the torch of greatness and etch his name among the Lakers’ all-time greats.

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