What is the reason behind Patrick Mahomes wearing his helmet so high on his head?

Following their victory in the prestigious Super Bowl during the 2022 NFL season, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, who are the defending champions, are poised to once again strive for the same achievement this season. The Chiefs experienced a setback in their 17-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, which was partly blamed on a rookie mistake made by Marquez Valdes Scantling. Then they defeated the Las Vegas Raiders 31–17 in Week 12.

Mahomes has done everything imaginable to retain the Chiefs in first place, so even NFL GOAT Tom Brady considers him his heir. Pat’s habit of wearing his helmet too high has been highlighted alongside his on-field success.

Why does Patrick Mahomes wear his helmet so high on his head?

Speculation around Patrick Mahomes’ distinctive helmet height has been a talking point, and recent insights shed light on two plausible reasons for this distinctive choice, reported by Distractify.

The primary reason traces back to the two-time MVP’s early football days, when his helmet frequently slid down and impeded his vision during gameplay. He elevated the helmet to correct the vision issue after becoming frustrated with the obstruction. The adaptation became a reliable fix for him by ensuring an unobstructed view of the field.

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The second reason ties into the NFL’s recent safety initiatives. In 2023, the league introduced larger helmets specifically designed to reduce concussions and head injuries, particularly for quarterbacks who often face targeting on the field. Given the importance of protecting players, these advancements aim to mitigate the risks associated with head injuries that could detrimentally impact a player’s career.

The 28-year-old veteran’s chosen headgear, the Vicis Zero2 Matrix QB, aligns with the NFL’s safety enhancements. The league’s assessment revealed that this helmet performed significantly better in QB-specific testing, boasting a 7 percent improvement over the most popular signal-caller helmet used in the previous season.

The Cincinnati Bengals Joe Burrow and the New York Jets Aaron Rodgers have also been seen wearing these large helmets.

NFL fans speculates Patrick Mahomes’ high-sitting helmet mystery

Besides his outstanding playmaking ability, Patrick Mahomes has also been popular for his handsome face and curly hair. However, his habit of wearing the helmet high up on his head makes him stand out on the field. The NFL community has been regularly discussing their favorite QB’s strange helmet habit while urging him to change it.

A user wrote, “Can Patrick Mahomes fix his stupid helmet it looks too big for his head.”

Pat recently shared that he used to frequently wear one of the underpants his wife Brittany had bought for him. The reason was even more amusing, as the quarterback mentioned that he performs well when he wears his lucky underpants. He also had the same thought about his unusual haircut.

Knowing the two-time MVP’s attitude towards this thinking, many netizens shared their own conspiracy theories regarding the Chiefs QB’s high helmet.

A fan wrote, “Conspiracy theory: Mahomes helmet sits so high on his head cause there’s a rat underneath controlling him. A Ratatouille situation if you will.”

A netizen wrote, “Little known football fact: Patrick Mahomes stores Ron DeSantis’s shoes in his helmet. #NFL.”

The Chiefs will be facing off against Aaron Rodgers’ former team, the Green Bay Packers, in their Week 13 match. Meanwhile, the speculation regarding Mahomes’ helmet mystery will continue.


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