What type of cancer did OJ Simpson reportedly diagnosed with?

Running backs in the NFL used to have much dominance on the field once, and OJ Simpson was one such iconic RBs in the league. The Buffalo Bills and San Francisco 49ers legend was one of only a few RBs in the NFL to have won the MVP Award.

However, Simpson’s legacy took a dark turn during the infamous “Trial of the Century,” where he was accused of the murder of his ex-wife and her friend. He also served nine years behind bars. The veteran recently made headlines again, this time for a battle with a life-threatening disease.

OJ Simpson reportedly diagnosed with prostate cancer

OJ Simpson has reportedly been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The details about the specific nature and severity of his condition remain undisclosed. However, reports from Local 10 News suggest that he is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment for prostate cancer in Las Vegas.

This news comes after the RB subtly alluded to his health challenges in a social media post from May 2023. During a video shared on the X platform, he made a passing reference to “catching cancer.” The vet mentioned that he had already fought the disease and was in better health at the time. He also shared his experience with chemotherapy, mentioning his weight loss and the difficulties of regaining his appetite while undergoing treatment.

OJ Simpson played for 11 seasons in the NFL. He spent the majority of his tenure as a Bills player. The RB concluded his Bills career with 10,183 rushing yards and 57 touchdowns throughout 112 games. He scored 175 catches for 1,924 receiving yards, along with 12 more. He spent two years with the 49ers before his final football season in 1979.

OJ Simpson breaks silence on his cancer rumors

OJ Simpson has recently addressed rumors about his health, especially denying reports that he is in hospice care. He appeared relaxed and in good spirits as he debunked the speculation during a video shared on X. The ex-NFL star ensured that he was not in hospice and jokingly quipped about the unreliability of the media.

“Hey, X world, hospice? You talking about hospice? No, I am not in any hospice. I don’t know who put that out there, but whoever put that out there. I guess it’s like… can’t trust the media in any event”, he said via SportsKeeda.

The former Bills star said that he is well and preparing to host friends for the Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas. He did not directly address rumors about his alleged battle with cancer. However, he hinted at a general skepticism towards media reports, suggesting that the cancer rumors may also be unfounded.

“I’m hosting a ton of friends for the Super Bowl here in Las Vegas. All is well, so, hey guys, take care, and have a good Super Bowl weekend.”

OJ Simpson’s illustrious career in football saw him achieve numerous accolades. His NFL accolades include winning the Heisman Trophy, earning five All-Pro team honors, and being named the AP NFL MVP. The RB’s contributions to the sport earned him a place in the prestigious Pro Football Hall of Fame. He ventured into acting and broadcasting after concluding his NFL journey.


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