What’s everyone saying about Chiefs vs 49ers practice fields in Las Vegas before Super Bowl LVIII?

Super Bowl LVIII is upon us and the excitement around the game has never been higher. Fans and journalists are already flocking to Sin City to book their tickets for the mammoth clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

By the looks of it, this Super Bowl will arguably be the biggest one in recent history, considering the capacity of the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. However, the practice fields allotted to the two teams ahead of this massive clash haven’t really been up to standard. Let’s find out more.

NFL fans make fun of the Chiefs vs 49ers practice fields

The San Francisco 49ers haven’t been the happiest of sides with the allotment of their practice field ahead of the Super Bowl clash on February 11. The team and the management have come out to publicly admit that the condition of their practice field is below standard and not fit for a team of championship caliber.

Apparently, the practice field allotted to the 49ers is too soft and feels like the players are walking on a sponge. Head Coach Kyle Shanahan has said that the team would prefer a much firmer surface to practice on but will play with the cards that they’re dealt.

Fans across the country have caught on to the funny side of things and that has resulted in a ton of memes about the 49ers complaining about their practice conditions.

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Chiefs are practicing at the headquarters of the Las Vegas Raiders, a facility full of top-class equipment. Some fans have noticed the disparity between the training facility and amenities provided to the two sides and have posed the question to relevant authorities.

According to USA Today, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the fields were “very playable” and had passed the minimum standard requirements for a practice field.

49ers are not going to change their practice schedule due to the field

When asked about whether the San Francisco 49ers will be changing their schedule owing to the pitch conditions, head coach Kyle Shanahan said, “No situation. The players were good with it today and they will be good with it on Wednesday.”

Spencer Buford of the 49ers also echoed his coach’s sentiments by saying, “We can’t cry about it, we have to go do it at the end of the day. The field conditions are gonna be what they are and we’re just gonna capitalize on the situation and make the best of it.”

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