Triple H appreciates George Kittle’s ridiculous WrestleMania 40 plan

The speculation surrounding the main event match for WrestleMania 40 has captured global attention over the past few days. WWE has yet to reveal the challenger for Roman Reigns, who has held the Undisputed Universal Championship for nearly 1300 days.

Every day, the list of predictions for this match grows, with NFL star George Kittle being the latest to contribute his potential plans for WrestleMania 40. Recently, his plans caught the attention of WWE Chief Content Officer, Triple H, who has welcomed Kittle’s ideas for the event.

Triple H acknowledges George Kittle’s insane WrestleMania 40 plan

National Football League tight end George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers addressed during the pregame press conference before to their match against the Kansas City Chiefs. Kittle came up with his new idea for WrestleMania 40 during his speech.

He said, “Everyone’s talking about ‘We want Cody.’ Or it’s Roman and The Rock… Honestly my dream would it to be like kind of a setup. I saw this online, Roman shows up, signs a contract. Cody’s on the other side. The Rock referees. Wouldn’t that be fun and special? Let’s make it fun and interesting. Now, it’s not my own idea, but I thought it was really cool”.

Kittle, who is a big fan of Rhodes, joined the club and offered his own idea of how to book WrestleMania 40. In an interview during the Super Bowl LVIII opening night, 

Kittle’s plan was to make the Championship match between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns, with The Rock as the special guest referee. This idea was shared all over the social media, and Triple H has commented on the video uploaded by the NFL. He added,”The People’s Tight End knows what’s up…”.

Triple H’s statement indicates that the strategy will be based on WWE fans. The fans have already shown their support for Rhodes by trending the “we want Cody” hashtag, and they plainly want Rhodes to face Roman Reigns.

Rock likely to planned WrestleMania big event without Triple H’s knowledge

The Rock’s plan for main eventing WrestleMania 40 is getting backfired as the WWE fans want Cody Rhodes, to be the opponent for Roman Reigns. Rock, who came back to WWE at the Day 1 issued a challenge to Reigns and on last episode of SmackDown, Rhodes stepped down from challenging Reigns at WrestleMania.

According to reports, The Rock’s involvement in the creative team of WWE was a huge shock to everyone in WWE, including Triple H, who is the head of creative. Triple H had been pushing Rhodes vs Reigns at WrestleMania 40 and was reportedly furious when he found out the Rock’s plans.

Triple H and Rock
via WWE

Speaking on the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer, said, “I don’t know how much do they care because they’re going to be getting more eyeballs for this match than any match they’ve ever had, they’re going to have more sponsorship revenue based on the fact Dwayne’s wrestling than any match they’ve had so they may go in there and just go, ‘let ‘em boo!’ It’s the biggest money match that we can ever make and that’s the match that we’re going to make”.

Meltzer also confirmed that, the Rock’s addition in the TKO, as the Board of Directors has given him the key to involve in the WWE storyline. While WWE’s strategy for the Rock vs. Reigns match is poised to yield significant financial success, its occurrence could potentially cast a shadow over Cody Rhodes’ career, who served as the face of WWE for the past two years.


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