What’s next for Bill Belichick after Falcons sign Rams’ DC Raheem Morris as their new HC?

Over the years, Bill Belichick has garnered a reputation for being one of the most successful coaches in NFL history. The kind of dynasty he created with Tom Brady at the Patriots is yet to be surpassed and his mettle at leading the team from the sidelines is credited with the success.

However, now that his tenure with the New England Patriots has ended, the veteran coach will be trying his hand at coaching a different side. But the 71-year-old is having trouble signing up for another franchise. Let’s find out more.

Falcons hire Rams’ DC Raheem Morris as their new HC

The Atlanta Falcons, one of the franchises that were actively pursuing Bill Belichick as a prospect for their new head coach, now look to have signed Rams’ defensive coordinator Raheem Morris as their new HC.

This poses a new issue for the veteran, as the Falcons were touted as the side that was surely going to need Belichick’s services. Now that they are out of the equation, Bill Belichick will have to consider other available options or rethink his coaching choices.

What’s next for Bill Belichick?

After a less-than-ideal season with the New England Patriots, the front office finally decided to part ways with their long-time head coach, ending a highly successful era in the process with six Super Bowl wins during Bill Belichick’s tenure.

According to Yahoo, Belichick is being passed on by every side that was once looking to avail his services, which means that he might have to sit out this hiring cycle and look for other upcoming opportunities after the end of the upcoming season.

NFL analyst Jeff Howe reported that even the Washington Commanders and the Seattle Seahawks, both franchises in need of a new HC, are losing interest in hiring the 68-year-old. He said, “Bill Belichick is currently viewed as a long shot for the Commanders and Seahawks coaching vacancies, sources said. It’d take a change of direction for something to happen with either team.”

Some NFL fanatics believe that he might be able to fashion a job next season with one of the title contenders, like the Dallas Cowboys, provided their season does not go according to plan.

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