What’s the origin of Charissa Thompson’s seemingly vulgar n*pples joke that left Richard Sherman shocked?

Over the years, NFL presenters and analysts have had a lot of funny moments. Presenters regularly resort to gags and funny comments to keep viewers interested in the pre-game analysis and post-game conversations with players.

However, what transpired on Prime Video’s postgame show on Thursday night between Television presenter Charissa Thompson and Richard Sherman is surely one for the history books in terms of cringe and hilarity.

What’s the story behind Charissa Thompson’s n*pple joke?

On the post-game chat, Charissa Thompson made a pretty inappropriate joke that left other presenters like Richard Sherman in shock and horror. While the entire cast took a minute to reel from the initial cringe levels, the internet had a field day in making memes and commenting on this awkward moment.

A Christmas gift exchange took place during the Prime Video post-game analysis on Wednesday night. One notable gift was a TNF-themed bucket for Thompson. Fellow presenter Fitzpatrick joked that it looked like a pail of milk. However, this created hilarious confusion as to whether Charissa Thompson had anything to do with farming or cow rearing.

But then Thompson responded with a hilarious quote from “Meet the Parents,” the 2000 rom-com starring Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller. There is a running joke about Stiller’s character being named “Greg Fokker” in the film. Thompson subtly quoted from the film, “I have nipples. Can you milk me, Greg?” This unsettled some of her colleagues, with Sherman expressing disbelief and possibly not knowing some of the details.

Whether or not it was staged, the moment was laden with hilarity and netizens jumped on the meme-making bandwagon right after the show ended, resulting in some funny comments as well.

Richard Sherman’s reaction to Charissa’s joke

Richard Sherman, the presenter alongside Charissa Thompson, was pretty horrified upon hearing the joke, which resulted in a very awkward moment right after. However, the years of experience helped him to salvage something from the instance.

While his reaction was fairly messed up, he handled the scene by breaking into a smile right after, which eased the tension among the group. However, netizens captured his initial reaction and made plenty of funny memes out of it, and it is surely going to be one of the highlight gag reels of this season.

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