Which city tops NBA superstar Kevin Durant’s list of favorite road destinations?

Teams and players travel every week to different cities to play their games. Teams play home fixtures, and games on the road as per their schedules. Most players naturally find it easy to play in home venues, and with a few exceptions for particular away venues when games on the road have to be played.

NBA star Kevin Durant too has a particular favorite road destination in the league. While a lot of other players find it difficult to return to their old home venues after being traded, it seems that is not the case for KD.

Durant picks former home as his favorite NBA road city

Kevin Durant picked his former home as his favorite NBA road city as he is getting ready for his 17th season with the Phoenix Suns. When the 13-time All-Star was asked regarding his favorite opposing venue he would love to play in, he said it was Oklahoma City.

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Durant chose to play in Oklahoma City as that is where he started his NBA career. It just looks like Durant is really attached to his former home Oklahoma City. The first eight seasons he played in the NBA were with the Thunder in Oklahoma City before he moved to the Warriors.

However, it was after these eight seasons with the Thunders that he became a free agent and joined the Golden State Warriors in 2016. Durant has been to the city as a visiting player on multiple occasion, but he is not tired of visiting the city even when he is no longer part of the team. The Oklahoma City Thunder were really good when Durant played for them along with other players.

When was Kevin Durant drafted into the NBA?

Kevin Durant was drafted into the NBA during the 2007 NBA Draft. He was the second overall pick that year and was picked by the Seattle SuperSonics team. This 2007 draft is most commonly known as the “Oden-Durant draft” and that is because Greg Oden was the top pick that year and he was picked by the Portland Trail Blazers. But little did the SuperSonics know that they had missed out on KD, a potential superstar in the making.

Kevin Durant
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Durant made the decision to enter the NBA after playing just one season of college basketball. His talents and potential were displayed in that one season at his best. The moment he entered the NBA league in 2007 was when his successful career started. One cannot count the famous players in the NBA now, without counting Durant. He has won a scoring champion four times and also won an MVP. KD has won many awards and has also made significant contributions to a number of teams throughout the course of his career.  

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