Which two players were ejected in bloody Jets-Dolphins “Black Friday” clash?

With head coach Robert Saleh at the command of the New York Jets’ elite defense, the team is still struggling to find success offensively. The strategic choice to sideline Zach Wilson in an effort to invigorate the team’s offensive prowess failed to produce the intended outcome, as demonstrated by their 13-34 defeat against the Miami Dolphins during Week 11.

The losing night even received more notorious attention following an alteration that evolved during the game, leading to the ejection of two players during the game.

Micheal Clemons and Austin Jackson ejected after bloody clash

During the Jets vs. Dolphins game, Jets defensive lineman Michael Clemons found himself disqualified just five seconds into the final quarter. Tempers flared after the Dolphins Jason Sanders’s successful extra point extended the Dolphins’ lead to 27-6. At that moment, a skirmish developed in the backfield between Clemons and Dolphins’ offensive tackle Austin Jackson.

The situation stepped up when Clemons got involved in a brawl with umpire Carl Paganelli, resulting in an immediate flag for the infraction. Paganelli was reportedly spitting out blood as proof of the severity of the altercation. This incident adds to Clemons’ recent displays of a short temper, as witnessed in a confrontation with Buffalo Bills’ tackle Dion Dawkins after last week’s game at Highmark Stadium.

Apart from ejection, the second-year vet incurred a 15-yard penalty for the contact with the official. The Jets’ player is seemingly in a rush to gain a reputation for on-field aggression, and this latest episode could have significant consequences.

Jet’s head coach is not ready to proclaim Clemdon’s altercation as an intentional one, though; he didn’t place any blame on his player’s punishment.

“The scrum on the field goal with Micheal. I think it was inadvertent. He’s pointing and accidentally hit the referee, but it’s still a foul,” he said, per SI.com.

Nevertheless, the NFL may review Clemson’s incident for possible disciplinary action, possibly leading to a suspension for Clemons. Jackson faced disqualification on the play as well, while the Jets’ linebacker CJ Mosley received an unnecessary roughness penalty.

Jets benched Zach Wilson to start with Tim Boyle

The decision to bench Zach Wilson was announced on Monday after ten games, with nine starts and mixed results from the former No. 2 overall pick. The news was evidently a worthy one following a tough 32-6 loss to the Buffalo Bills during Wilson’s failed entrance. Wilson tossed 7-for-15 for 81 yards, registering a touchdown, an interception, and enduring five sacks during the game

The Jets later opted to promote Tim Boyle as the starting quarterback against the Miami Dolphins on Friday. The team not only elevated Boyle but also designated Trevor Siemian as the immediate backup, leaving Zach as the third-string quarterback.

The move was not appreciated by Rodgers himself, speaking on “The Pat McAfee Show.” He acknowledged the challenges faced by Wilson and emphasized the importance of allowing Wilson more time and space to grow.

Nonetheless, Boyle’s performance failed to provide the anticipated spark on the Jet’s offense vs. the Dolphins. Two interceptions during the game highlighted the starter’s struggles despite him only completing 27 passes for a modest 179 yards.

With both Wilson and Boyle struggling to produce significant results, expectations are now being raised for Rodgers’s return this season.

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