Who is C.J. Gardner-Johnson, Lions safety stuns fans with legal name change to Gridiron alter ego?

An unpopular mention in the NFL draft sometimes ends up proving their prowess more than the first draft pick of their season; Tom Brady and Brock Purdy are two of those stunning examples. Just like C.J. Gardner-Johnson of the Detroit Lions, they were not particularly sanguine as to how their official name would be received by the NFL community.

Besides his on-field performance,  the NFL player is seemingly worried about his off-field name and fame, which prompted him to astound his fans by revealing a new name for himself.

Who is C.J. Gardner-Johnson?

After winding up his college career with high notes and declaring for the NFL Draft after his junior season, C.J. Gardner-Johnson’s dream of playing at the national level came true after he was selected by the New Orleans Saints in the fourth round of the 2019 draft. 

Following a three-season run with the Saints, he launched a new journey with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2022. Only after a one-year stint did the player join the Lions on a one-year deal this offseason.

C.J. gardner-Johnson
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Nevertheless, the former Saints player could manage to play only two games after he got mentioned on the Lions’ injured reserve list in September with a pectoral injury. During his appearance in two games, he recorded two pass breakups and 13 tackles. 

Lions star adopts new identity with legal name switch

On Friday, C.J. Gardner-Johnson came out with the shocking revelation that he was in the legal process of changing his name. In a post on X, the safety also announced his new name would be Ceedy Duce. He was not sure that his fans would take it seriously, so he also showed the court documents as proof to present the switch “on the way.”

The name was set by the player at first during his tenure with the Saints. Back in 2020, he introduced the name for the first time to his fans, leaving a post on his Instagram story. 

However, he did not detail anything that he wanted to share in the story, urging that he wanted to shut down all the judgmental thoughts regarding his switching of names.

“Ceedy Duce. No more Chauncey or CJ Gardner-Johnson. Time to pave a way for my own imagine that I want no more judgement thoughts on me because you really don’t know me, until you understand me as a person I wont speak unless spoken to.”

Nevertheless,  at that time perhaps he got into trouble in legal demand, leading him to go by his previous name. Hence, this time he came in front of the netizens with proof of legal proceedings. 

Do you think this time he will end up introducing himself as Creedy Duce from C.J. Gardner-Johnson? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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