Max Verstappen speaks out in solidarity with Lewis Hamilton despite ex-F1 champ’s brutal Red Bull criticism

At the United States Grand Prix, the British sensation Lewis Hamilton stole the show with a genuinely stellar performance. Since his last victory at the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Mercedes has struggled to surpass Red Bull’s dominance. The 2022 season marked the first time Lewis Hamilton went winless, and Max Verstappen ultimately seized control of the F1 industry from him.

Hamilton battled the three-time world champion and finished second behind Verstappen despite the challenges. Hamilton’s curious glance and light touch on the Mercedes rear wing raised questions about Verstappen’s motives after the race. No matter the criticism the Red Bull camp faced, the Dutch driver recently addressed the topic.

Verstappen supports Hamilton after controversial disqualification

Max Verstappen, the arch-nemesis of the British driver, is a figure familiar to motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. Despite the fact that both drivers have publicly denied having any animosity toward one another, there appears to be a palpable cold war simmering beneath the surface, a narrative that their devoted fan bases readily accept. Notably, Verstappen has come under intense scrutiny for allegedly exerting indirect pressure on race stewards concerning his battles with Hamilton.

Verstappen, despite starting the race from the sixth position, exhibited his masterful prowess to seize victory at the US Grand Prix. Yet fate had a cruel twist in store for his rival. The British driver, who finished a mere 2.2 seconds behind Verstappen, saw all his tenacity and skill dash to naught as he faced disqualification. The verdict was unforgiving, attributing his downfall to a car sporting plank wear that exceeded the permissible limits.

The three-time world champion received a fine for touching Hamilton’s rear wing immediately after the race. When questioned about his actions, he nonchalantly explained that he was merely examining the rear wing’s flex, not considering the repercussions. Despite being subjected to an inspection himself, the Dutch driver faced substantial criticism from the audience.

However, when Verstappen was queried about Hamilton and Leclerc’s disqualifications, he offered a perspective aligned with that of a seasoned sportsman. In defense of the seven-time World Champion, he stated, “Nobody does this on purpose. But if you go too far, you can only increase the tire pressure. Then you’re driving balloon tires and you’re much too slow.”

This stance echoed support for the seasoned champion, even amid the disapproval directed at Red Bull.

Lewis Hamilton blasts Red Bull’s treatment of Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez faces tremendous pressure as he gears up for the Mexican Grand Prix, having missed out on a podium finish in the past four races and accruing less than half the points of his teammate, Max Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton candidly addressed his predicament in an interview with Fox Sports on Thursday, shedding light on the lack of emotional support from his own team. The constant scrutiny and criticism he endures are undeniably taking a toll on his performance.

He said, “I think that his team is not helping him at all,” he told Fox Sports on Thursday. “I know that Red Bull is made up of many members, but there are people who affect him psychologically and do not support him.”

“If I heard such negative things about myself every weekend, it would be very difficult. So he is in a very complicated environment for him, but I think he knows how to deal with it.”

“I haven’t experienced exactly something like what Sergio is going through, but as a driver I understand the psychological and mental pressures. It is something very heavy that falls on you, and it is very difficult to explain it in words.”

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