Who is Gabriella Gaspar demanding $32,500 per month for child support from Neymar Jr.?

Neymar Jr. can’t seem to catch a break from controversies these days. The captain of the Brazilian national team has been involved in one online spat after another, with the injured Al-Hilal star unable to prevent himself from making headlines almost every week. While he’s off the pitch until the end of the season, his name continues to be relevant within the global football community.

The latest Neymar Jr. case involves a Hungarian model accusing the Brazilian of being the father of her 10-year-old daughter. She has requested a Brazilian court to order a DNA paternity test to confirm her claims with the hope of landing a significant child support payment from the soccer star.

Who is Gabriella Gaspar calling for Neymar Jr.’s DNA test?

Neymar Jr. is making headlines again after being called out by a Hungarian woman, a former model, who claims her 10-year-old daughter belongs to the Brazilian superstar. News broke out late last month that a Hungarian woman, later revealed to be Gabriella Gaspar, was considering taking Neymar Jr. to court, as all her attempts to reach the former PSG and Barcelona star for the past ten years had been futile.

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“They invited her to watch the game (against Bolivia), she went, and they met there,” Angelo Carbone, the woman’s lawyer, explained. Apparently, Neymar and Gaspar met over a decade ago and had a consensual relationship, which led to the conception and birth of a girl.

Gaspar has since been trying to contact Neymar and even reached out to the Brazilian through his charity, all to no avail. Through her lawyer, Gaspar has now filed a suit against Neymar Jr. with an order to perform a DNA test to prove her claims that her 10-year-old daughter belongs to the injured Al-Hilal star.

“The girl needs it, and she is afraid,” the lawyer continued. “Everyone knows that she is Neymar’s daughter, and she’s afraid of being kidnapped,” she added. Gaspar is now requesting a monthly payment of $32,500 in child support and an extra 20 million Brazilian reais for the past ten years of the little girl’s life.

How many kids does Neymar actually have?

In the midst of another child-related case, many are now wondering how many kids the Brazilian football star actually has. Neymar Jr. welcomed a child with Brazilian model Bruna Biancardi a few months ago. A few weeks after their child’s birth, the pair broke up, with Biancardi claiming Neymar cheated on her with several women.

Before Biancardi, Neymar Jr. had a child with his former girlfriend Carolina Dantas in 2011 when the Brazilian was still a Santos player. Just like with Biancardi, the birth of his son Davi Lucca didn’t stop Neymar from parting ways with his first child’s mother a few months after the child was born.

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Neymar’s second child is called Mavie, so officially, the Brazilian only has two children until at least the current civil petition in court is settled. If the court proves that Neymar is the father of Hungarian Gabriella Gaspar’s 10-year-old daughter, that takes Neymar’s number of children to three.

Neymar was also recently in the news for turning up overweight for a Brazilian party, with the Al-Hilal star getting bashed online for not looking after himself as he recovers from a long-term knee injury.


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