CM Punk injury: did it change the 2024 Royal Rumble outcome?

WWE star CM Punk recently announced on Monday Night RAW that he will be taking a hiatus from wrestling due to a severe hand injury. Although this disheartened some fans, others supported the athlete and wished him a quick recovery.

CM Punk recently faced off against Cody Rhodes in the Royal Rumble 2024 match. Cody won the Battle Royal after he eliminated Punk over the ropes and won his second Rumble consecutively. Now some fans wonder if Punk’s injury changed the Royal Rumble outcome at the end.

Did CM Punk’s injury change the Royal Rumble finish?

The ‘Best in the World’ announced on this week’s RAW that he will be unable to attend the WrestleMania 40 event due to an injury he suffered on the January 27 premium live event. This was Punk’s first premium event, as he returned to the Stamford-based company on WWE Survivor Series WarGames.

WWE fans were anticipating the match between Seth Rollins and CM Punk at the upcoming event in Pennsylvania, but now that he is injured he will be unable to fight ‘The Architect’ on the biggest event of WWE.

Some fans were wondering if the 2-time World Champion was ever scheduled to win the Royal Rumble event, but the decision was changed due to his injury. However, according to Fightful, Cody Rhodes was always supposed to be the winner. It was not a last-minute decision, and it went the way it was intended.

Interestingly, this is not the first time the Second City Saint injured himself before a big event. During his time in AEW, the wrestler got into a foot injury, which later required him to take surgery and some time off from wrestling. Later in an interview, he described how he got the foot injury at that time.

He said, “I did the stage dive, what an idiot. I must have hit my foot on the top of the guard rail, but I didn’t feel it. You would think that st would hurt, but people caught me, put me back down, I waited for FTR, it just didn’t feel right. I thought I just whacked it, but then I wrestled on it, blew a springboard, came off the top with a double axe, did all this st.”

Veteran praises Drew McIntyre over trolling CM Punk’s injury

In the recent edition of Monday Night RAW, Punk addressed the fans about him tearing his triceps during the Royal Rumble match. Right after that Drew McIntyre interrupted his promo and after an altercation, McIntyre started attacking an injured Punk. He gave a ‘Glasgow Kiss’ to the ‘Straight-Edge Superstar.’

Recently, ‘The Scottish Warrior’ posted on his Twitter account a ‘meme’ about CM Punk’s injury. He posted a picture of himself in front of a gravestone that said, “CM Punk’s WrestleMania Main Event 2024-2024.”

Former WWE wrestler and Hall of Famer Bully Ray praised Drew McIntyre for trolling CM Punk’s injury. During an interview on “Busted Open Radio, he said, “Oh my god. The heel in me was so happy to hear this … That’s the kind of things that resonate with a fanbase … I mean, Drew stuck the knife in Punk at the Rumble. Because Drew hit the Future Shock, and that’s where Punk hurts his arm, right?”

“That’s the knife going in. But what he said to Punk — that’s him twisting the knife, pulling the knife out, and putting salt on the wound. It was so good. And if you listened to the people, they were silent, completely silent … And then, all of a sudden, Drew hits the line about the religion and praying for this. And that whole place, they weren’t expecting that, and you heard the boos.”

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